Robert J Panaro: Electric fuse holder having an integral current sensor. Gould, Frederick A Goettel Jr, April 28, 1987: US04661807 (37 worldwide citation)

A holder for an electric fuse is provided with apparatus which senses the flow of electric current along the current path of the fuse holder, and, which responsive to such sensing, electromagnetically induces an ascertainable signal. The signal may be detected and processed to provide an indication ...

Edward J Knapp Jr, Jerry L Mosesian: Electric fuse holder having a Hall-effect current sensor. Gould, Frederick A Goettel Jr, October 7, 1986: US04616207 (33 worldwide citation)

A holder for an electric fuse is provided with a Hall-effect sensor arrangement which is integrally mounted in the fuse holder in close proximity to the current path through the holder. The Hall-effect sensor provides an output voltage responsive to the magnetic field resulting from the flow of curr ...

Robert J Panaro: Electric fuse having composite fusible element. Gould, Frederick A Goettel Jr, November 8, 1983: US04414526 (23 worldwide citation)

An electric low-voltage current-limiting fuse completely or substantially complying with the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Standard Class R fuses. The current carrying part of the fuse comprises a fusible element having serially arranged perforations. This part may be of silver or of copper. The cu ...

Alan S Drucker: Variable area refrigerant expansion device. Carrier Corporation, Frederick A Goettel Jr, April 2, 1991: US05004008 (23 worldwide citation)

A refrigerant flow metering device which varies the expansion area of the device in response to the differential pressure between refrigerant in the high and low pressure sides of a refrigerant system. The expansion device includes a housing with a flow passage extending therethrough which is divide ...

William Thomas Danihel: Method for producing patterned glass on a float ribbon. Combustion Engineering, Frederick A Goettel Jr, April 20, 1976: US03951633 (21 worldwide citation)

A method for patterning or texturing the surface of glass manufactured by the float process. The method comprises depositing particulate carbon onto the surface of a continuous ribbon of heat softened glass which is being drawn across a molten metal bath, the ribbon being cooled into a structurally ...

Clifford J Thwaites: Low voltage rejection fuse having an insulating insert. Gould, Frederick A Goettel Jr, November 1, 1988: US04782317 (20 worldwide citation)

A current limiting cartridge fuse having a portion of restricted diameter in one end cap, which serves as a rejection feature, is provided with an insulating insert which cooperates with the fuse casing and the one end cap to allow an active portion of a short circuit element to be located in the re ...

L Thomas Lane, Bruce A Fraser, Thomas E Brendel: Oil return for a two-stage compressor having interstage cooling. Carrier Corporation, Frederick A Goettel Jr, May 21, 1991: US05016447 (18 worldwide citation)

An internally compounded two-stage compressor has an interstage cooler and an oil separator associated therewith. The oil, and any hot gas mixed with it, discharged from the oil separator is passed in heat exchanger relationship with the cooling refrigerant flowing into the interstage cooler.

William T Plummer: Back projection viewing screen. Polaroid Corporation, Frederick A Goettel Jr, April 3, 1979: US04147408 (17 worldwide citation)

A back projection viewing screen comprising two parallel transparent sheets of plastic, each having its faces optically configured. The surfaces have the following characteristics arranged in the order from the projection side to the viewing side: (1) an ordinary circular Fresnel lens to which a lig ...

Jerry L Mosesian: Electric fuse having welded fusible elements. Gould, Frederick A Goettel Jr, February 24, 1987: US04646053 (15 worldwide citation)

A fillerless electric fuse having a tubular casing with open ends is provided with a fusible element in the form of an extremely fine wire extending from one of the open ends to the other. The casing is provided with a pair of annular sections of reduced diameter at opposite ends thereof which recei ...

Christopher J Santosuosso: Enclosure for inground swimming pool. Christopher Enclosure, Frederick A Goettel Jr, February 20, 1990: US04901484 (13 worldwide citation)

An enclosure is provided for an inground swimming pool. The enclosure is a building like structure made up of vertical sidewalls including a fence portion and a ventilating window portion. The roof is made from a transluscent plastic supported on a skeleton-like framework.