Hiroshi Ono: Piezoelectric bone conductive in ear voice sounds transmitting and receiving apparatus. Frank J Jordan, April 17, 1979: US04150262 (203 worldwide citation)

A voice sound transmitting and receiving apparatus suitable for the use under noisy circumstances and designed to be inserted into the external auditory canal of a user for attaining the voice sound transmitting and receiving operation using the vibrations of the external auditory canal wall.

Takao Fukazawa, Takuro Isayama, Kyuhachiro Iwasaki, Hiromichi Komai: Ink ejection printing apparatus comprising automatically actuated ejection orifice cap. Ricoh Company, Frank J Jordan, August 30, 1977: US04045802 (130 worldwide citation)

An ink ejection head is moved to an inoperative position when the apparatus is de-energized. An electrical solenoid moves the cap to a retracted position as the ink ejection head approaches the inoperative position and another electrical solenoid or a spring moves the cap into injection orifice seal ...

Yoshikuni Tsuda, Osamu Onishi, Yasuo Mizohata, Ryozo Ota, Hiroshi Murakami: Connector for the use of pipes. Kubota, Frank J Jordan, December 14, 1976: US03997193 (123 worldwide citation)

In connecting a pipe with another pipe or another connector element, a cylindrical member is provided which is inserted into the end of the pipe. The cylindrical member has ring means thereon which are radially expanded in situ by an expanding tool which is inserted into the cylindrical member. As t ...

Erkki Einari Nissinen: Straightening and supporting device for the spinal column in the surgical treatment of scoliotic diseases. Frank J Jordan, March 14, 1978: US04078559 (120 worldwide citation)

Disclosured is a straightening and supporting device for the spinal column in the surgical treatment of scoliotic diseases, a device which is removed after the spinal column has healed. The device comprises a rod-shaped supporting member at least the length of the spinal column area to be treated an ...

Kazuo Inoue: Semiconductor device insulation method. Citizen Watch Commpany, Frank J Jordan, March 13, 1979: US04143456 (86 worldwide citation)

A method for applying a protective covering for a semi-conductor device which comprises a circuit board having formed thereon a conductive pattern on which a chip of the semi-conductor device is mounted and electrically connected to said conductive pattern, an insulating resin film having a low surf ...

Honma Yoshiyuki, Yamazaki Fumio: Magnetically driven rotary pumps. Nihon Kagaku Kizai Kabushiki Kaisha, Frank J Jordan, December 27, 1977: US04065234 (71 worldwide citation)

A magnetically driven, powerful rotary pump comprising at least one driven magnet secured to the rotary shaft of a pump and housed in a magnet case to separate the driven magnet in a liquid-type chamber from the pump chamber and at least two driving magnets secured to a drive shaft to be connected t ...

Hiroshi Honda: Surgical instrument file system. Niti on Medical Supply, Frank J Jordan, March 11, 1997: US05610811 (66 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument file system comprised of a screen on which the names and pictures of surgical instruments required for a surgical procedure are selectively displayed; surgical instruments to which a unique optically readable code mark such as a bar code is attached; a reader for reading the op ...

Shunro Tachibana, Uichi Shibata: Endermic application kits for external medicines. Shunro Tachibana, Meiji Seika Kaisha, Frank J Jordan, C Bruce Hamburg, Manabu Kanesaka, April 18, 1989: US04821740 (66 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an endermic application kit for external medicines, which comprises a drug-containing layer as provided near an ultrasonic oscillator. The kit includes a cylindrical fixed-type or portable-type and a flat regular-type or adhesive-type, and the adhesive-type may be flexible and elastic. ...

Karl Heinz Schudy, Heinz Kleinert: Filling device for papers. Robert Krause KG, Frank J Jordan, November 23, 1976: US03993374 (65 worldwide citation)

A ring binder device for a file serves to hold documents and to provide a means whereby the file can be suspended spine uppermost between two carrier rails, the device having slide-mounted suspender members which can be set, by moving their slide mountings, to protrude beyond the edges of the file r ...

Tsunekazu Udagawa, Susumu Inamura: Steel laminate gasket. Ishikawa Gasket, Frank J Jordan, C Bruce Hamburg, Manabu Kanesaka, May 30, 1989: US04834399 (63 worldwide citation)

A steel laminate gasket of the invention to be used for an internal combustion engine comprises a first plate and a second plate situated adjacent to the first plate. The first plate is provided with a first base section, first and second openings formed in the first base section and a first sealing ...