Craig Allen
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Equipment (10, 20) for facilitating point-to-point cryptographic data communication systems is disclosed. The seamless rekey cryptosystem permits changing of the crypto key (70, 80) with no down time. The cryptosystem will facilitate seamless key installation to eliminate data loss or reduce storage ...

Gerald V Piosenka, Ronald V Chandos: Unforgeable personal identification system. Motorola, Frank J Bogacz, February 12, 1991: US04993068 (843 worldwide citation)

An unforgeable personal identification system for identifying users at remote access control sites. The unforgeable personal identification system generates one-way encrypted versions of physically immutable identification credentials (facial photo, retinal scan, voice and finger prints). These cred ...

Jeffrey Scott Chuprun, Chad S Bergstrom, Byron Tarver, Bennett Beaudry: Communications network having adaptive network link optimization using wireless terrain awareness and method for use therein. Motorola, John C Scott, Timothy J Lorenz, Frank J Bogacz, September 5, 2000: US06115580 (268 worldwide citation)

A communications network (10) having a plurality of wireless nodes (12-28) distributed within a region of interest makes routing decisions based on terrain information for the region of interest. A link quality determination unit (54) determines the quality of individual node-to-node links within th ...

Paul Sharrit, Edoardo Campini, Curtis L Cornils: Communicator having reconfigurable resources. Motorola, John C Scott, Frank J Bogacz, December 7, 1999: US05999990 (234 worldwide citation)

A communicator (10) includes a plurality of reconfigurable resource units (13) that can each be dynamically altered to perform any of a multitude of processing tasks. A controller (16) determines a plurality of processing tasks to be supported by the communicator (10) and configures the plurality of ...

Isaac N Durboraw III: Position aided subscriber unit for a satellite cellular system. Motorola, Frank J Bogacz, Jordan C Powell, June 2, 1992: US05119504 (222 worldwide citation)

A subscriber unit for communicating with a satellite communication system. This subscriber unit receives and transmits digital data from satellites of a satellite communication system. In addition, the subscriber unit self-determines its own position and transmits this position to the satellites of ...

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A cellular telephone (10) incorporates the electronics for implementing both a cellular telephone function (46) and a smartcard function (45). This allows the electronics to be protected from damage by the housing associated with the cellular telephone and also decreases the likelihood that the smar ...

Thomas M Fox: Personal identification system. Motorola, Frank J Bogacz, March 25, 1997: US05614890 (182 worldwide citation)

A personal identification system includes a number of antenna preamplifier nodes coupled to collection nodes which are in turn coupled to a central computer. A personal detector unit attached to a user is inserted into an enclosure of the antenna preamplifier node. The antenna preamplifier node is e ...

Gerald V Piosenka, David M Harrison, Ronald V Chandos: Tamperproof arrangement for an integrated circuit device. Motorola, Frank J Bogacz, April 11, 1995: US05406630 (168 worldwide citation)

A tamperproof arrangement for an integrated circuit device. The arrangement includes a package and lid fabricated of heavy metals to prevent X-radiation or infrared detection of circuit operation. Sensors and control circuitry are located on the integrated circuit die itself which detect increased t ...

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A communications network is capable of using time division multiple access (TDMA) techniques, code division multiple access (CDMA) techniques, or a combination of both. A subscriber unit (

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Interoperability between terrestrial cellular systems and satellite based cellular systems allows handoffs between different cellular systems. A call in progress by a subscriber unit (101) over a terrestrial based cellular system (100) which includes a mobile switching center (MSC) (105a) and a plur ...