Edwin H Sanden: Cabinet drawer. Horace B Van Valkenburgh, Frank C Lowe, May 4, 1976: US03954315 (37 worldwide citation)

Both the tracks attached to the inside of the side walls of a cabinet and the slides attached to the outside of the side walls of the drawer are inclined downwardly and outwardly, so that the drawer will normally move outwardly from the cabinet by gravity. A bump or upward arcuate indentation in the ...

James H Stuart: Transfer process and composite sheet therefor. Sangray Corporation, Frank C Lowe, October 12, 1976: US03985602 (36 worldwide citation)

A composite transfer sheet for lifting a printed image from a paper backing and thereafter transferring the same to a substrate of cloth or like material by the application of heat. An important feature of the composite sheet resides in the use of a protective layer of a selected, transparent, therm ...

Jonathan E Sharp, Frank R Ross: Single-action double-lock snap. Frank C Lowe, Horace B Van Valkenburgh, October 31, 1978: US04122585 (36 worldwide citation)

The invention is a single-action double-lock snap, a snap hook having a lock arm. The hook includes a shank with a hook at one end of the shank. The other end of the snap is connected to a cable or a lanyard and in use, the hook is connected to an anchor eye or the like. To avoid accidental disengag ...

Louis C Meyer: Split leaflet check valves. Louis C Meyer, Anna T Loeffler, Frank C Lowe, December 18, 1979: US04178638 (30 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns improvements in a split leaflet check valve. A pair of curved leaflets are hinged to a base ring for swinging movement from a normally closed position to an open position whenever a fluid is moving through the conduit wherein the valve is mounted. At the closed position, porti ...

Victor D Molitor, Arlen W Gallagher: Makeup air device for grease extraction ventilator. Stainless Equipment Company, Horace B Van Valkenburgh, Frank C Lowe, March 15, 1977: US04011802 (25 worldwide citation)

The makeup air device includes a front chamber, a lower wall of which is adapted to force rising smoke and the like into an intake of a grease extraction ventilator. A depending passage at the lower front of the device has an air outlet which discharges air toward the ventilator intake. An adjustmen ...

Konrad Ruckstuhl: Method of and apparatus for treating waste materials. Horace B Van Valkenburgh, Frank C Lowe, May 20, 1980: US04203755 (23 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method of treating waste material wherein after comminution, the relatively hard material such as glass, brick, and ceramic in finely divided condition together with finely divided soft material is separated and removed to a recirculating composter.

Melvin C Coffman: Style handle. Frank C Lowe, April 17, 1979: US04149811 (22 worldwide citation)

A style handle for writing and engraving instruments. The base portion of this style, which is gripped when in use, consists of three, essentially-flat surfaces arranged in a triadic spiral at a selected pitch conforming with an individual's finger grip when the style is held in a normal manner. So ...

John S Robins: Method for producing wood smoke on a charcoal grille. Frank C Lowe, February 26, 1980: US04190677 (21 worldwide citation)

To produce food-flavoring smoke and vapor in a gas or charcoal burner, a bed of wood flour is placed underneath the gridiron of the burner at a location which is out of the flames of the gas or burning charcoal. For example, a bed of wood flour may be placed upon a tray suspended from the gridiron. ...

Victor D Molitor: Coping and gutter for rim flow swimming pools. Stainless Equipment Company, Horace B Van Valkenburgh, Frank C Lowe, February 15, 1977: US04007566 (20 worldwide citation)

The coping is mounted atop the gutter and each is formed of stainless steel, with the top surfaces being sandblasted to prevent slipperiness, particularly when wet. The gutter, which carries water overflowing and draining through slots in the coping, is also used as a form for pouring the concrete w ...

Arnold F Schrameyer: Splash guard and diverter for shower curtains. Horace B Van Valkenburgh, Frank C Lowe, October 12, 1976: US03984880 (20 worldwide citation)

A web has a front or lower footing attachable to the rim of a bathtub but bending or curving to the inner edge of the bathtub rim. A second or upward footing is attachable to the wall, normally tile, above the rim of the bathtub. A round bead, for both safety and strength purposes, extends along the ...