Blaine Larson, Juan Lopez: Method and apparatus for dispensing discount coupons. Frank A Lukasik, January 13, 1998: US05708782 (184 worldwide citation)

The present invention resides in apparatus, and software, and a related method for selecting, printing, and dispensing a redeemable discount coupon and other offerings in response to the taking of or upon the return of a cart to a electronic coupon dispensing terminals. A computerized kiosk, updated ...

Vigor C Smith: Movable weight golf clubs. Frank A Lukasik, August 21, 2001: US06277032 (151 worldwide citation)

The invention is directed to a golf club consisting of a golf club head having a base mounted within a cavity formed in the club head, a weight mounted on a slotted screw, supported by the base ends behind the striking face and movable in a direction from the heel of the club head to the toe of the ...

Thomas C Kimbrough, Deborah A Kimbrough: System and method for producing a three dimensional relief. Frank A Lukasik, July 20, 1999: US05926388 (78 worldwide citation)

A method and system for producing a three-dimensional image of a person's head and the relief produced by the process. The method may be used for producing a three dimensional charm or pendant of a person's face, a three dimensional model of a person's head, a precision formed mold for casting, glas ...

Charles P Hamilton: Miniature golf course maze. Frank A Lukasik, December 3, 1996: US05580319 (69 worldwide citation)

A miniature golf putting course laid out in the form of a maze. The miniature golf course is placed inside of a maze and is then controlled by a series of gates. Changing the position of the gates changes the route one must follow to correctly negotiate the course. Each of the holes have a cover sui ...

Isabelo S Alcordo: Postcard rank check. Frank A Lukasik, April 22, 1997: US05622388 (67 worldwide citation)

The invention is a bankable apparatus or post card bank check for sending payments or contributions by mail without the use of any letter envelope. The post card bank check may be used for personal check payments or it may carry with it the dollar value of the instrument of such denominations as the ...

James W Slouf, Elizabeth J Slouf: Embroidery tool. Frank A Lukasik, May 5, 1992: US05109780 (62 worldwide citation)

An embroidering tool comprising a barrel serving as an outer shell with a slot having notches for receiving a pin located on the outer surface of a shaft inserted into the bore. An interchangeable tip having a cannular needle pressed therein is inserted into an axial bore within the shaft and locked ...

Charles W Austin: Vehicle monitoring system. Frank A Lukasik, May 3, 1994: US05309139 (59 worldwide citation)

The invention is a novel system for monitoring a plurality of functions and conditions of a vehicle and providing a graphic presentation and recordation of torque and horsepower as well as other factors contributing to or depreciating a vehicle's performance as well as concurrently displaying manufa ...

Boman K Najmi: Water glass reminder. Frank A Lukasik, December 8, 1998: US05845777 (48 worldwide citation)

A water glass reminder for counting the number of glasses of water consumed each day consisting of a clear plastic ten ounce glass with a rotatable disc or ring for indexing from one number to the other as water is consumed.

Theodore L Schultz, Margaret Ann Winney: Wheeled triple leg walker folding tray. Frank A Lukasik, October 2, 2001: US06296263 (45 worldwide citation)

An improvement to a standard three wheeled walker to render it usable for carrying objects on a folding tray mounted between the vertical supports of the walker. A panel is split into two portions, which are pivotally joined together with a piano hinge. A ā€œUā€ clamp having a mounting bracket and hing ...

Calvin C Lewis: EGR valve carbon control screen and gasket. Frank A Lukasik, July 2, 1991: US05027781 (42 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an improvement to exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems and in particular to a high temperature resistant wire screen affixed to the inlet opening of a carbon gasket for sealing the EGR valve to the manifold of an automobile engine and providing an effective barrier to kee ...