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A method of producing a fuel composition from a bio-oil feedstock is provided, wherein the bio-oil feedstock is subjected to a step of oil extraction to produce a bio-oil and deoiled residue. At least a portion of the deoiled residue is gasified to produce a hydrogen-containing gas. The bio-oil is s ...

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A power generation system includes at least one turbine system. The turbine system includes a compressor section comprising at least one stage, configured to supply a compressed oxidant and a combustion chamber configured to combust the compressed oxidant and a fuel stream comprising carbon-based fu ...

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A gas turbine systems of reducing NOX emissions and enhancing operability comprises a compressor; a combustor disposed downstream of and in fluid communication with the compressor; a turbine assembly disposed down stream of and in fluid communication with the combustor; an oxygen-enriched gas source ...

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A method of forming at least one concavity of a selected size and shape within a surface of an internal passageway of a metallic component comprises: depositing a ceramic-based material by a direct-write technique onto a ceramic core which is suitable for forming the internal passageway during a cas ...

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