Gregg Anthony Deluga, Vladimir Zamansky, Ke Liu, Tiffany Elizabeth Pinard Westendorf: Integrated system and method for producing fuel composition from biomass. General Electric Company, Francis T Coppa, February 15, 2011: US07888540 (60 worldwide citation)

A method of producing a fuel composition from a bio-oil feedstock is provided, wherein the bio-oil feedstock is subjected to a step of oil extraction to produce a bio-oil and deoiled residue. At least a portion of the deoiled residue is gasified to produce a hydrogen-containing gas. The bio-oil is s ...

Robert R Gallucci: Polyphenylene ether polyamide blends. General Electric Co, Francis T Coppa, July 21, 1992: US05132365 (43 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to improved polyphenylene ether-polyamide composition wherein the polyamide component comprises a mixture of amorphous and crystalline polyamide. A compatibilizing material is added as well as a modifying resin is added. The composition have good impact strength and wat ...

Ronald Scott Bunker, Canan Uslu Hardwicke, Ching Pang Lee: Method of forming concavities in the surface of a metal component, and related processes and articles. General Electric Company, Francis T Coppa, Patrick K Patnode, December 4, 2007: US07302990 (41 worldwide citation)

A method of forming at least one concavity of a selected size and shape within a surface of an internal passageway of a metallic component comprises: depositing a ceramic-based material by a direct-write technique onto a ceramic core which is suitable for forming the internal passageway during a cas ...

William V Dumas, Donald F Foust: Treatment of a polyimide surface to improve the adhesion of metal deposited thereon. General Electric Company, Francis T Coppa, James C Davis Jr, James Magee Jr, October 4, 1988: US04775449 (37 worldwide citation)

A method of improving the adhesion of metal applied on a polyimide surface is disclosed, in which the surface is first treated with an adhesion-promoting compound containing a nitrogen-oxygen moiety prior to plating of the metal thereon.

Stephanie Marie Noelle Hoffmann, Michael Bartlett: Systems and methods for power generation with carbon dioxide isolation. General Electric Company, Francis T Coppa, March 1, 2011: US07895822 (34 worldwide citation)

A power generation system includes at least one turbine system. The turbine system includes a compressor section comprising at least one stage, configured to supply a compressed oxidant and a combustion chamber configured to combust the compressed oxidant and a fuel stream comprising carbon-based fu ...

Charles D Iacovangelo: Activation of refractory metal surfaces for electroless plating. General Electric Company, Francis T Coppa, James C Davis Jr, James Magee Jr, May 24, 1988: US04746375 (34 worldwide citation)

A method of catalytically activating refractory metal surfaces for the subsequent electroless plating of another metal thereon is disclosed, in which the refractory surface is treated while heated in a carburizing atmosphere under conditions which cause the formation of refractory metal carbides on ...

Alok Mani Srivastava, Steven Jude Duclos, Qun Deng, James Walter Leblanc, Tie Bond Gao, Jian Min Wang, Lucas Lemar Clarke: Scintillator compositions, and related processes and articles of manufacture. General Electric Company, Francis T Coppa, Patrick K Patnode, August 1, 2006: US07084403 (27 worldwide citation)

Scintillator materials based on certain types of halide-lanthanide matrix materials are described. In one embodiment, the matrix material contains a mixture of lanthanide halides, i.e., a solid solution of at least two of the halides, such as lanthanum chloride and lanthanum bromide. In another embo ...

Matthias Finkenrath, Michael Bartlett, Arne Lynghjem, Jon Jakobsen: emissions, Power plants that utilize gas turbines for power generation and processes for lowering CO. General Electric Company, STATOIL, Francis T Coppa, November 9, 2010: US07827778 (26 worldwide citation)

Power plants and process for lowering CO2 emissions generally includes extracting a portion of the recirculated CO2-rich flue gas mid-way through the compression pathway of a gas turbine and removing the CO2 in a separation unit. The remaining portion of the CO2 rich flue gas (i.e., the portion of t ...

Bernard Patrick Bewlay, Stephen Francis Bancheri, Frederic Joseph Klug: Ceramic cores for casting superalloys and refractory metal composites, and related processes. General Electric Company, Francis T Coppa, May 24, 2011: US07946335 (25 worldwide citation)

A rare earth-based core for use in the casting of a reactive metal is described. The core contains a ceramic composition which includes at least about 10% by weight of monoclinic rare earth aluminate (RE4Al2O9), wherein RE represents at least one rare earth element; and at least about 10% by weight ...

Ronald J Wroczynski: Polyphenylene ether/polyamide blends having improved melt flow characteristics. General Electric Company, Francis T Coppa, April 18, 1989: US04822836 (25 worldwide citation)

Novel compatibilized polyphenylene ether-polyamide compositions are provided by this invention, comprising polyphenylene ether resin, polyamide resin, a compatibilizing agent, and a melt flow-improving compound. The compatibilizing agent may be selected from a wide variety of materials, such as satu ...

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