John Rodosta, Morris J Weisler: Bed rocking mechanism. Francis J Murphy, May 8, 1979: US04152795 (28 worldwide citation)

Portable apparatus to impart a rocking motion to a bed includes a first and second supporting members disposable adjacent to the bed ends and first and second elongated members respectively mounted pivotable at their centerpoints on the first and second supporting members. The bed is mounted on the ...

Osmo A Suovaniemi, Jukka Tervamaki: Device for detaching and removing a disposable tip of a pipette. Kommandiittiyhtio Finnpipette Osmo A Suovaniemi, Francis J Murphy, May 1, 1979: US04151750 (27 worldwide citation)

A device is disclosed for removing a disposable tip from a pipette. The device includes an elongated shaft with a flattened push-button at one end and an elongated groove. Elongated projections extend inwardly from each side of the groove.

Lewis G Doom: Motionless mixer. Francis J Murphy, February 7, 1978: US04072296 (27 worldwide citation)

A motionless mixer including a number of baffles attached to a central rod is slidably mountable within a hollow cylindrical conduit. A cross member is attached across the interior of the conduit and is configured to mate with a slot formed in the downstream end of the central rod, to prevent longit ...

Robert M Barto, Loren E Shelffo: Apparatus for eliminating ammonia fumes emanating from diazo copiers. Blu Ray Incorporated, Francis J Murphy, John M Calimafde, Roy C Hopgood, November 22, 1977: US04059409 (24 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for the elimination of noxious ammonia fumes associated with diazo copiers includes a plenum chamber disposed about the output aperture of the machine developer chamber. Vacuum means are provided to draw the ammonia laden air out of this chamber. Preferably this apparatus is used in conjun ...

Mohamed Osman, Bernd Greuner: Rotating cutter tool. Gebrueder Heller, Eugene J Kalil, Francis J Murphy, June 29, 1976: US03966349 (23 worldwide citation)

Uneven wear of the cutting edges of rotating trepanning or drilling tools is avoided by employing at least two cutting blades, by providing a single support strip embedded in an elastically pliable material, and by arranging the cutting blades such, that the resultant force of the cutting forces pro ...

Giancarlo Pofferi: Support structure. Ufficio Tecnico Ing A Mannucci, Francis J Murphy, October 12, 1976: US03985083 (19 worldwide citation)

A demountable structure, for example for forming scaffolding, shelf assemblies or frame assemblies comprises a pair of co-axial spaced connection and support members with a connection element or bracket interposed between the ends of the members. The engaging surfaces of the support members and brac ...

David A Quinn: File cabinet construction. Supreme Equipment & Systems Corporation, Arthur M Lieberman, Francis J Murphy, August 17, 1976: US03975071 (18 worldwide citation)

A file cabinet construction includes at least one shelf mounted within a housing having parellel opposed side walls and a rear wall. A number of guide rails are mounted at predetermined positions along the shelf so that they are parallel to the side walls of the housing. Each guide rail has a longit ...

Heinz Scholtz: Suspension clamp for electrical overhead lines. Patentanwalte Dr Ing Held, Eugene J Kalil, Francis J Murphy, September 7, 1976: US03979095 (5 worldwide citation)

A suspension clamp for an overhead electrical cable includes a clamping member which clamps the cable along a portion of its longitudinal sides. Arms extend outwardly from the opposed lateral sides of the clamping member along the direction defined by the cable. Supporting members for the cable are ...

Juhani Suvitie: Apparatus for mounting a curtain board. Francis J Murphy, May 15, 1979: US04154421 (5 worldwide citation)

Apparatus is disclosed for attaching a curtain board to a support surface. Such apparatus includes an elongated fastening member having a base which is adapted to be attached to the support surface. At least two attachment members extend outwardly from the base. Each of these attachment members incl ...

Georg Kropfhammer: Inhaler apparatus. Eugene J Kalil, Francis J Murphy, June 22, 1976: US03964478 (4 worldwide citation)

An inhaler apparatus includes a housing which encloses a gas source, a gas applicator, a feed hose which connects the gas source and applicator and a valve for controlling the flow of gas from the source to the applicator. The housing includes a lid which provides access to the applicator when open ...

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