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A product package includes a spine, a plurality of blister cards, and a coupler mechanism. Each blister card includes a plurality of individual cells. Each individual cell includes a blister for containing at least one product. The coupler mechanism is attached to the spine and re-attachably couples ...

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A method of transferring a plurality of tablets of a product from a first blister card including a first plurality of blisters to a second blister card including a second plurality of blisters includes discharging the plurality of tablets from the first plurality of blisters of the first blister car ...

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A valve is disclosed for dispensing a flowable material. The valve has a first chamber (

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A product shipping and display carton includes a display box and a shipping sleeve. The display box has a removable panel portion below a top rail defining a product viewing window in the display box. The top rail positioned to hold elongated, tubular shaped product within the display box. The produ ...

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A system for remotely reading embedded RFID tags may generally facilitate the retail facility planogram auditing process. A set of RFID tags embedded with products displayed for sale at a retail facility may be provided and configured to store associated product information. An array configured to r ...

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Compositions comprising glutamine in combination with other micronutrients, for example, N-acetyl-cysteine, L-arginine, and Vitamins A, C, D, E are disclosed. Such compositions can be administered to enhance recovery of patients with severe trauma, burns, injury, infection and for promoting wound he ...

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A customizable gift card that may be designed using a plurality of design templates that have modifiable fields and layouts. The gift cards may be designated for use at one or more stores based on contract arrangements between the one or more stores and a vendor of the gift card. The gift card may b ...

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A Pharmacy Automated Accounts Receivable (PAR) System and Methods allows a pharmacy drug store chain to manage, track, and reconcile third party payor receivables associated with prescription transactions. The PAR system obtains and uses data types including, but not limited to, prescription claim d ...

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The invention comprises a closed system blood sampling device comprising a bifurcated capillary tube which has a first branch having a cannula shaped end for withdrawing and conveying blood to a communicating blood collection zone. The blood collection zone is for storing a quantity of withdrawn blo ...

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For visually displaying product on the side wall of a product dump table, a store lead-in fixture includes a support structure, a mounting structure, and a presentation structure. The support structure is to be placed in confronting relation to the side wall of the product dump table. The mounting s ...