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The closed system connector assembly is formed with a male connector and a female connector. Both connectors have rubber membranes which can be pierced by a hollow needle disposed within the female connector. In some embodiments, the membrane of the female connector is mounted on a collapsible tube ...

Jay Erlebacher: Implantable device and method for long-term detection and monitoring of congestive heart failure. Francis C Hand, Carella Byrne et al, October 29, 2002: US06473640 (164 worldwide citation)

The implantable device for long term monitoring of congestive heart failure employs a signal generator, such as within a pacemaker, to generate an electrical signal which is monitored to obtain a single or dual frequency measurement that can independently measure systemic venous and pulmonary (lung) ...

Turbjorn Aasen: Mobile cleaning robot for floors. Francis C Hand, Carella Byrne Bain et al, September 6, 2005: US06938298 (153 worldwide citation)

A mobile robot is described for random movement across a surface where a drive unit is arranged inside a top-hat. Cleaning equipment such as electrostatic dusters or equipment for vacuuming can be fixed to the top-hat so that the mobile robot functions as a cleaning robot.

Vincent L Vaillancourt: Valve for a catheter assembly. Francis C Hand, July 19, 1994: US05330435 (132 worldwide citation)

The valve for a catheter includes an elasotmeric sheath for mounting over the end of the tube within a catheter assembly to prevent a backflow of blood. The valve also includes a sleeve of rubber or plastic which fits over the end of the sheath and which is resiliently expanded when the sheath is mo ...

Vincent L Vaillancourt: Bloodless catheter. Francis C Hand, Carella Byrne Bain et al, March 2, 2004: US06699221 (131 worldwide citation)

The over-the-needle catheter is provided with a septum seal within the hub of the catheter. The introducer needle passes through the septum seal and into the catheter. Upon removal of the introducer needle, the septum seal reseals so that blood is prevented from flowing from the patient out of the h ...

Gregory Tuai: Security system for data communications. Vorec Corporation, Francis C Hand, October 6, 1992: US05153918 (111 worldwide citation)

A modem security communication system for providing access to a computer system having a host computer and a central access controller located at a host location, and user terminals with transponders at a plurality of remote locations. The modem security communication system also includes at least o ...

Vincent L Vaillancourt: Composite seal structure and a coupling arrangement for a cannula. Francis C Hand, May 18, 1993: US05211634 (100 worldwide citation)

The composite seal is formed of a slit elastomeric septum and a sealing member which serves to seal against a blunt ended cannula passing through the slit septum. The composite seal may be made of one piece construction or of two piece construction. The sealing member may be formed of a separate rub ...

Vincent L Vaillancourt: Shielded cannula assembly. Francis C Hand, March 1, 1994: US05290254 (94 worldwide citation)

The shielded cannula assembly includes a tubular shield of latex rubber which is mounted over the cannula of the assembly. The shield includes a resilient collapsible tubular portion which is able to collapse in an accordion-like manner when a longitudinal force is imposed thereon. The shield also h ...

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The hollow cannula is made with a smooth tip to avoid sharp corners on the inside diameter or outside diameter in order to avoid scraping or scoring of a slit or pre-pre-pierced septum during passage through the septum. The cannula may be employed in various types of embodiments including swabable v ...

Vincent L Vaillancourt: Closed system connector assembly. Francis C Hand, Carella Byrne Bain et al, February 28, 2006: US07004934 (78 worldwide citation)

A male adaptor is provided with a nose for penetrating into a housing of the female connector. A septum is disposed over the nose of the male adaptor to maintain a seal with the female connector during coupling and uncoupling. Upon coupling, the septum dilates to allow the nose to pass through. The ...