Walton B Crane: Garment hanger with clamp guard. A & E Plastik Pak Co, Forrest J Lilly, March 30, 1976: US03946915 (60 worldwide citation)

The disclosure is of a trousers or skirt hanger comprising a horizontal beam provided with a support hook, and having integrally formed with each end thereof, a depending clamp frame or jaw, with a garment gripper at the lower end thereof, each depending clamp frame or jaw being opposed by another c ...

William F Whittingham: High voltage shielded cable splice. Forrest J Lilly, May 24, 1977: US04025717 (43 worldwide citation)

A splice for a shielded high voltage cable wherein a section of electrical shielding sleeve of the original cable is replaced by an open-mesh sleeve, and the latter is concentrically supported on the connector sleeve by a polyurethane helix. A polyvinyl chloride or other plastic jacket is taped to t ...

Kenneth K Dixon: Automatic component assembly machine and method relating thereto. Dixon Automation, Forrest J Lilly, May 25, 1976: US03958740 (32 worldwide citation)

A programmable manipulation machine for picking up a succession of small components, such as semiconductor chips, and placing them precisely in predetermined positions on a work-piece, such as a substrate. The machine includes a vacuum chuck assembly which is movable by a servomotor along a relative ...

Donald P Shutt: Automatic load brake. Western Gear Corporation, Forrest J Lilly, September 6, 1977: US04046235 (31 worldwide citation)

The disclosure is of an improvement of automatic load brakes, of the type generally and generically known as a Weston disk brake, as used, for example, in braking a hoisting drum adapted for reeling in and reeling out a cable suspending a load.

Arthur E Lamel, William D Squire, Harper J Whitehouse: Acoustic telemetry system for oil wells utilizing self generated noise. American Petroscience Corporation, Forrest J Lilly, January 4, 1977: US04001773 (30 worldwide citation)

An acoustic communication method and system are disclosed for transmitting information through a well-bore drill string by using the acoustic noise inherently generated in the drill string by drilling operations as a "carrier" propagated therealong to be modulated by the information to be transmitte ...

Ronald E Sheets: Optical microcircuit printing system. Tamarack Scientific Co, Forrest J Lilly, March 2, 1976: US03941475 (29 worldwide citation)

A system is disclosed for exposing to ultraviolet light a semi-conductor or hybrid substrate coated with photo-resist, in back of a mask having bars and very narrow slits, the diffraction patterns ordinarily experienced at the substrate being virtually eliminated through use, between the light sourc ...

Philip L Johnson: Truck for transport of airplane by its nose landing wheel. Forrest J Lilly, July 19, 1977: US04036384 (23 worldwide citation)

The disclosure is of a wheeled truck or transport vehicle, adapted for elevating and supporting the nose wheel of an airplane, of the small or private class, and transporting it about the landing field. The truck has a horizontal nose roller, adapted to be rammed under the nose wheel of the airplane ...

Walton B Crane, Frederic L Nason: Kit for obtaining specimen on a glass slide. Medical Packaging Corporation, Forrest J Lilly, March 14, 1978: US04078656 (22 worldwide citation)

A package is provided for containing and delivering to a physician, laboratory or hospital a glass slide fastened removably in position, spatula, tongue depressors, etc., for use in obtaining a specimen, and retaining it on the glass slide during transportation to the laboratory for analysis. The pa ...

Walton B Crane: Plastic reinforced produce container. A & E Plastik Pak Co, Forrest J Lilly, February 3, 1976: US03935990 (22 worldwide citation)

A reinforced paperboard produce container having reinforcing end frames of molded thermosetting plastic or other suitably rigid construction secured to the outer sides of the end walls of a paperboard container body with edge flanges on the frames projecting inwardly over the upper end wall edges an ...

Walton B Crane: Clip for use with berry basket trays in stacks and cover sheet. A & E Plastik Pak Co, Forrest J Lilly, August 2, 1977: US04039121 (20 worldwide citation)

The disclosure is of a clip, constructed of plastics material, adapted to secure together, in a stack, a number of berry box trays, all of the general type disclosed in my prior U.S. Pat. No. 3,750,936, the clips being adapted to operate at certain times as a handle, and at others to coact with a pa ...