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An apparatus for adjusting the flexing of the bending section of an endoscope extending between the distal end and flexible tube, which comprises a pair of wire members partly wound about a pulley in opposite directions on the opposite sides of said pulley in a state fixed to the pulley at one end a ...

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Identification of a program being transmitted is encoded digitally on a sub-carrier modulated on the sound carrier of a television signal with each elementary code group occupying a television field interval, the information being transmitted in cycles of several television fields. The sub-carrier f ...


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A leakage field capacitor has two adjacently located surface electrodes placed on an essentially plane support surface. A signal source is connected to one of the electrodes, so that this electrode, which may then be termed the transmitting electrode, will provide an electrical field which is sensed ...

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This invention relates to a method of dehydrocyclizing aliphatic hydrocarbons to form corresponding aromatic hydrocarbons. According to the invention, a batch of aliphatic hydrocarbons, in the presence of hydrogen at a temperature of 430.degree. to 550.degree. C is passed over a catalyst consisting ...

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The centrifuge rotor is formed with a central chamber and two peripheral annular chambers concentric therewith; an annular bag including ring-shaped compartments, made of flexible material, and with communicating ducts are placed into the three chambers, the central chamber additionally being big en ...

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An automatic injector device operating stroke-by-stroke, comprising a frame whose shape is substantially similar to that of a revolver, a removable injection syringes comprising a syringe body, a syringe piston and at least one injection needle, a syringe-cradle carrying the said syringe and itself ...

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New antibiotic substances are obtained by culturing a strain belonging to the genus Streptomyces and recovering said substances from the culture material. The new antibiotic substances possess insecticidal and acaracidal properties.

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Power source device for an electric surgical knife for use with an endoscope comprising, means for supplying a high frequency signal to an electric surgical knife, a selector for determining whether or not the high frequency signal is attenuated before it is supplied to the knife, a level detecting ...

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A compatible stereophonic receiver capable of receiving a monaural signal, 2-channel stereophonic composite signal and multi-channel composite signal transmitted in the frequency modulated form, which comprises a plurality of band amplifiers each having a bandwidth different from each other so as to ...