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A cable connector apparatus for electrically connecting a coaxial cable to a fixed device such as a coupler or amplifier has a connector assembly adapted to be fixedly secured to a cable and a connector assembly adapted to be fixedly secured to the device. One of the connector assemblies is rotatabl ...

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An improved ultrasonic cross-sectional imaging system includes an elongate segmented transducer array formed of N discrete transverse transducer elements. Counter-selector means are provided for transmitting a pulsed electrical signal to A selected adjacent transducer elements in the array, which gr ...

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A compact self-contained flow and pressure regulator device for transmitting and monitoring gas from a source of compressed gas to a body cavity during surgery. The device includes a selectively adjustable pressure regulator for controlling the gas received from the source, a limiting orifice to att ...

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Portable apparatus is provided for tapping a beverage container such as a beer keg. A portable ice container adapted to be supported by the top of the keg has an opening in the bottom communicating with the tapping aperture of the keg. A dispensing faucet is carried by the ice chamber. A beverage de ...

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A fingerboard having a light transmitting substrate is spaced from the neck of a guitar or similar musical instrument. A plate, having a finger placement pattern thereon, is received in the space between the neck and the fingerboard. In one embodiment, the plate is opaque and the pattern comprises l ...

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A taillight assembly for a vehicle has a translucent enclosure having red light transmitting front, side and top areas and a white light transmitting bottom area. The front area has a reflector thereon. A reflective hood extends upwardly forward over the enclosure.

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Apparatus for converting a rotary lawn mower to a vacuum sweeper including a cover plate shaped and dimensioned to sealingly engage the lower edge of the mower blade skirt providing a closure for the blade housing, the cover plate having a central aperture connected by means of a duct to a suction c ...

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A method for stimulating and exciting the organs associated with the human scalp. A device utilized in performing the method produces modulated waveforms within a specified frequency range to amplify the stimulation and excitation effect to achieve practical results.

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Apparatus for receiving crankcase emissions from an internal combustion engine and for separating the liquid portions of the emissions from the gaseous portion thereof. The apparatus includes a mounting flange, an opening for the return of the liquids to the engine, and at least one layer of filteri ...

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A supplemental visual display cooperates with a traffic signal for indicating the operational mode thereof. An arm supporting a visual display at one end is raised by an electric motor in response to an electric signal from the traffic signal controller and, thereafter, is normally retained in the u ...