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A multicast communication system for small groups using a protocol to indicate to routers receiving a packet according to the protocol to perform the following process: (1) determining a next hop for each of the destination nodes listed in the packet received; (2) partitioning the destination nodes ...

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A method of transplanting human body tissue. Tissue elements are obtained from a human donor and are interconnected at a location remote from an operating facility to form an article to be implanted. The article is then transported to an operating facility where it is implanted into a patient.

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A method for receiving digital content data on a user's system for playing or recording, the content data being compressed and encrypted with a first encrypting key, said method comprising the steps of: tuning a receiver to a selected frequency; receiving content data through a broadcast transm ...

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A method to present auxiliary lighting for enhancing a scene during a multimedia presentation. The method in photonic enclosure comprising the steps of: coupling one or more illumination sources over a network, so that at least one illumination source of the one or more illumination sources is capab ...

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A lancet assembly having a lancet holder and a triggler enclosing a lancet structure. The triggler is partially inserted into a lancet holder from the distal end. The holder is provided with a rigid internal spring holder to receive the spring-loaded lancet structure. The lancet structure is provide ...

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A keyboard system for generating emoticons and abbreviations, the system includes a keyboard including keys representing emoticons and keys representing abbreviations. The system further includes a keyboard processor in the keyboard, wherein the keyboard processor produces enhanced scan codes when k ...

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A processor that includes an instruction extraction stage, an instruction register, an instruction decoder, a first multiplexer that supplies the instruction register, and an autonomous counter with a presetting register. The first multiplexer receives the output of the extraction stage and the outp ...

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A method, information processing system and computer readable storage medium for presenting a graphical menu item on a display. The graphical menu is displayed by receiving a time delay selected by an end-user; presenting to the end-user a graphical menu item wherein at least one menu item has a sel ...

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A percutaneous tissue removal apparatus having a flexible drill shaft, a cutting tip mounted on the shaft a power source for transmitting motion to the shaft to move the cutting tip against tissue and a suction source for removing tissue fragments along the shaft to a location outside the tissue mas ...

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A graphics data form includes an information processing system having a generator for generating graphics images, each image comprising a recognizable representation of at least one real-life object. The GDF also includes a selector for selecting an image by a user of the system; a receiver for rece ...