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A method for joining soft body tissues and a device for practicing the method which includes a retainer strip formed of a material which in time is absorbed by the body and which is provided with a plurality of longitudinally spaced openings and a fastener strip also formed of a material which is si ...

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An instrument comprising a tubular staple case is disclosed, the case being traversed by a supporting rod extending outwardly therefrom with its front end. The tubular case is used to mount a plunger with a knife arranged on the rod. An abutment head mounted on the front end of the rod is made gener ...

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A coherent surgical-staple stack comprising a plurality of staples, bonded together in a parallel contiguous relationship by a biodegradable, absorbable plastic.

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An implantable heart stimulator and related method calls for the determination of a given heart condition from among a plurality of conditions, the selection of at least one mode of operation for treating the determined condition, and the execution of the mode of operation selected, so as to treat t ...

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A ligating instrument comprising an anvil body and a staple driving body with a longitudinal groove which accommodates a staple magazine with staple pushers and a wedge. The latter is mounted on a carriage arranged in guides provided on the lateral walls of the staple driving body. The instrument in ...

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A bipolar electrosurgical instrument, comprising movable arms (1 and 3) electrically insulated from each other and provided with current-carrying working jaws. According to the invention, the working jaws are shaped as prongs (6 and 7) curved in the same direction, the prongs (7) of the working jaw ...

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Viable mammalian cells are encapsulated in a polymeric membrane to form microencapsulated beads ready for introduction into a host body. The polymeric membrane allows passage therethrough of cell substrates and secretions, but prevents passage of larger molecules such as proteinaceous antibodies. In ...

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A cartridge is provided for ligating and dividing organic structures such as blood vessels or a band of tissue containing a plurality of blood vessesls, nerves or the like. The cartridge operates in three stages and is adapted to associate with an instrument which provides power to the cartridge. Af ...

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A surgical suturing instrument for establishing circular compression anastomoses in the organs of the digestive tract comprises a rod (2) accommodated in a hollow body (1) coaxially therewith and having a stationary fixed connecting ring (13), a hollow cylindrical knife (3) made fast of a hollow tub ...