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A fusion cage 10 having an external thread 12 can be surgically inserted into a threaded bore extending laterally between the adjacent bony structures such as two vertebrae 94, 95 with the thread 12 penetrating into cancellous bone of each of the vertebrae 94, 95. The fusion cage 10 is easily screwe ...

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A SLDRAM System is provided with a plurality of in-circuit, calibratable memory modules and a memory controller for issuing unicast and multicast command packets to the memory modules. Command packets are transmitted over a unidirectional command link that includes a complementary pair of command cl ...

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A knowledge base search and retrieval system, which includes factual knowledge base queries and concept knowledge base queries, is disclosed. A knowledge base stores associations among terminology/categories that have a lexical, semantical or usage association. Document theme vectors identify the co ...

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A swellable cannula is formed of concentric inner and outer hydrophilic and substantially non-hydrophilic layer structures. The hydrophilic layer structure comprises at least 2/3rds of the cross-sectional area of the wall of the cannula. The substantially non-hydrophilic layer structure is either su ...

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A drive wheel, having a cylindrical surface positioned at a radius from the center of the drive wheel, and a plurality of suction cup members disposed in a spaced apart relationship on the cylindrical surface, useful in a pressurized pool cleaning apparatus.

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An echogenic cannula 7 includes a hole provided at the distal tip end 17. Preferably the hole 5 is positioned through a centerline 8 which is spaced from the centerline 6 of the stylet 7 in order to form a concave surface 11 from which sound waves 10 are reflected in order to locate the distal tip e ...

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A programmable gate array with an improved interconnect structure facilitates multi-source networks, communication of signals long distances across the array, and creation of networks in a symmetrical interconnect structure. The interconnect includes direct connections for each configurable logic bl ...

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An apparatus and related method permit viewer navigation and object manipulation within a three-dimensional graphical experience or "virtual world" displayed by a programmable digital computer. The apparatus and method include the display of a series of six buttons. Twenty-four operations are divide ...

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The present invention relates to improved methods for making and using-bioadhesive, bioresorbable, anti-adhesion compositions made of intermacromolecular complexes of carboxyl-containing polysaccharides and polyethers, and to the resulting compositions. The polymers are associated with each other, a ...