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A guide wire capable of being adjusted to provide variable stiffness for catheterizing arterial branches comprises an elongated helical wire coil with a plurality of core wires contained within and joined to the outer wire coil at their distal ends; at their proximal ends there is a handle having tw ...

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An enzyme electrode based on an oxygen electrode and an oxygen consuming enzyme is described. The oxygen demand of the electrode is satisfied through an electrolytical oxygen production by means of an anode located close to the enzyme and the sensitive surface of the oxygen electrode. The deviation ...

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The invention relates to a device for supporting the rachis comprising at least one pin and at least two anchoring members attached thereto. According to the invention, said device is characterized in that the pin is of constant cross-section throughout its length and presents a rough surface, and i ...


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A device for the release of a substance at a defined or desired location in the alimentary tract. The device has a capsule having a separating wall therein, which forms a first chamber and a second chamber in the capsule. A hole is present in the wall of the first chamber. A compression spring, that ...

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This invention relates to a catheter for shooting a laser beam, comprising an optical fiber contained in a sheath, as well as an optical system, wherein said optical system obturates the distal end of said sheath, and, between the distal end of said optical fiber and said optical system, there is fo ...

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The strength and water resistance of the binding of abrasive grain on the basis of corundum or silicon carbide into synthetic resin bonded abrasive agents is improved by a surface treatment with microdispersed hydrophobic silicon dioxide.


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A probe intended to be introduced within a living body, of the type comprising an elongated structure adapted to be introduced in a canal in said living body conveying a fluid, and presenting, at its end intended to be introduced in the canal, a single bag element connected to said structure, surrou ...

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An implantable prosthesis anchorage which contains a non-porous outer coating in the regions which is positioned in contact with bone. The non-porous outer coating consists of (i) at least one bioactive resorbable ceramic material which is a calcium phosphate and (ii) at least one polymer which is m ...