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A method and apparatus for more accurate measurements of the glucose content in body fuids by sensing the absolute level of oxygen concentration in the fluid and correcting the output differential measurement indicative of the glucose content in the fluid according to the absolute level of oxygen.

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A harshness reducing, enzymatic additive for a main wash detergent based on a fungal cellulase, i.e., a cellulase produced by means of Humicola insolens. The enzymatic additive can be produced in high yields and has an extraordinarily high activity at alkaline pH values, whereby it is possible to mi ...

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An dispenser characterized by provision for use of a replaceable needle and a prefilled cartridge.

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The invention consists of an apparatus for recording accidental events relating to movable devices such as automotive vehicles, which events can be sensed by optical observation, and comprises: detecting means for receiving the images of the event and transforming them into electric signals; a signa ...

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A mechanical continent ileostomy or colostomy device adapted for permanent insertion at the time of operation including a body portion having a flexible flange at one end, an insert portion attachable to the body portion and a stopper member having a central plug fitting into the insert. A plurality ...

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A computer controls a plurality of satellite machines in real time via a single bus comprised of undedicated, continuous transmission lines terminated at both ends in matching impedances. Each machine coupled to the bus is addressed and commanded during every computer cycle, responding only to signa ...

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A simulated cedar shake panel for walls or roofs having at least two courses of simulated shakes in relief therein, the shakes being in overlapped and underlapped relation with a varied butt line, and recessed underlaps between side-by-side shakes. Part of each underlap is recessed enough to contact ...

Harold J Goald: Reversed forceps for microdisc surgery. Fidelman Wolffe & Waldron, January 25, 1983: US04369788 (110 worldwide citation)

Forceps of the alligator jaw type, that can be held by a surgeon in a reversed backhand grip while observing the movable jaw during microlumbar discectomy, comprise three linkage devices for resisting twisting forces that tend to separate the sliding arms during removal of gristle. These devices are ...

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A non-woven web made from melt blown microfibres which is formed or provided with apertures by, for example, hot needling or by passing the web between differentially speeded rolls. If the web is used for wiping, the apertures help to retain fluid and enhance the wiping properties for oil.

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A process and apparatus for identifying and separating discount coupons having particular zones of color depths, shades, tonalities or the like in which both sides of the coupons are read by scanning and zones of like tones are summed to mathematically form an algorithmic "word" for comparison with ...