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The present invention provides a method and system for providing native language query service for Internet users by using a plurality of search engines. The method of the present invention includes the steps of: (a) receiving at a site an original query request from one user; (b) selecting a suitab ...

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To convert the structure of a Web page into contents that a user can easily listen to, and for permitting the user to access and obtain information without have to perform and navigation, in a manner similar to listening to the radio. A designated target page is obtained from a Web server, and a lin ...

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Methods and apparatus for providing speech recognition in noisy environments. An energy level associated with audio input is ascertained, and a decision is rendered on whether to accept the at least one word as valid speech input, based on the ascertained energy level.

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Building a data-driven text-to-speech system involves collecting a database of natural speech from which to train models or select segments for concatenation. Typically the speech in that database is produced by a single speaker. In this invention we include in our database speech from a multiplicit ...

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A method and system of generating a user profile for advertisement over a computer network is disclosed. A webpage identifier that identifies a webpage and a content category identifier that identifies a content category is generated. The webpage identifier is associated with the content category id ...

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Processes and arrangements for describing a system-on-chip at an abstract level. Contemplated is the creation of a “virtual design” and its automatic synthesis into a “real design that includes IP blocks from a library as well as all required interconnections and interface logic between them. Signif ...

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The creation of multiple personae in mobile devices. Access to personae is controlled based on the persona that is currently active. The creation or existence of different personae helps prevent data leakage or loss, in that any or all of the following characteristics, by way of example, may be mani ...

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A unified approach that permits the consideration of different issues and problems that affect driving safety. Particularly, there is proposed herein the creation of a driver safety manager (DSM). The driver safety manager embraces numerous different factors, multimodal data, processes, internal and ...

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A data retrieval system provides data to a user of a client computer connected to multiple data stores and multiple other computers. A request for data is received at the client computer. The request is forwarded from the client computer to a server computer and intercepted at a reverse proxy cachin ...

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This disclosure addresses providing gigabit-rate data transmission over wireless radio links, using carrier frequencies in the millimeter-wave range (>30 GHz). More specifically, a circuit for detection of amplitude-shift keyed (ASK) or other amplitude modulations (AM) which can be easily incorporat ...