He Changjie, Gan Guogong: Bank card payment terminal supporting multiple access modes. He Changjie, feng zhongliang, April 3, 2002: CN01128920 (2 worldwide citation)

A bank card payment terminal supporting more access mannar has a main control board composed of microprocessor, bus, memory and encrypting/decrypting device. The three buses of main control board are connected via I/O ports to magnetic card reader, IC card reader, display printer, instruction keyboa ...




Chen Yaoming, Jiangyun, Ming Xin: Intracellular gene analysis method. Chengdu Guojia Pharmaceutical, feng zhongliang, August 15, 2001: CN01107109 (1 worldwide citation)

The intracellular gene analysis method includes the following steps: (1). adopting natural or structure-modified molecular beacon or using different chromophorous groups to label the natural or structure-modified molecular beacon, (2). adopting microinjection to inject the designed molecular beacon ...

Li Hongming: Method for making material feeding rod of plastics working machinery. Li Hongming, feng zhongliang, October 31, 2001: CN01107312 (1 worldwide citation)

The production method of material rod of plastics processing machine includes the following steps: according to the required hardness selecting steel material, quenching to make its handness reach to HRC 25-62 deg., turning the quenched steel material and making it into material rod blank with desig ...



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