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The physiological parameters of heart rate, respiratory and snoring sounds, the degree of oxygen saturation of the blood, and the bodily position of the patient are measured and stored in coded form by means of portable apparatus. The stored data are transferred to a computer and then analyzed. The ...

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A panel interconnectable with like panels for use in forming a sports surface has a substantially rectangular and planar member and an edge connector at at least one set of opposite edges including a first locking member extending from the lower surface of the panel at one edge and having a groove e ...

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A composition and process for permitting the separation of plasma or serum from whole blood. The composition includes glass fibers having an average diameter of from 0.2.mu. to 5.mu. and a density of 0.1 g/cm.sup.2 to 0.5 g/cm.sup.2. The process includes the steps of slowly trickling whole blood ont ...

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At least two layers are fixed together at a distance so that a gap is present between them, wherein the layers are connected with one another by a plurality of discrete melt adhesive regions, intermediate spaces being present between the melt adhesive regions so that a liquid transport in the gap be ...

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Antibody producing human B-lymphocytes are produced by a process which comprises culturing human B-lymphocytes in a tissue culture medium in the presence of an antigen; helper signal producing agents comprising monocytes or monocyte conditioned medium containing Interleukin 1 (I1-1), and helper T-ly ...

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The invention concerns a method of automatically steering a self-propelled floor-cleaning machine along a predetermined path of motion on a limited area to be worked, wherein a sequence of path segments stored in a data memory is retrieved, and the path segments travelled by the machine, and wherein ...

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The present invention provides a process for immobilizing a protein or protein containing substance. The material to be immobilized is aggregated, contacted in a liquid with a hydrophilic solid phase and the solid phase, after contact has taken place, is dried. The present invention is also concerne ...

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An evaluation method of respiration and heart beat and its apparatus which permits one to forecast sudden infant death syndrome by investigating correlation between respiration and heart beat in the normal state and sleep-apnea of a newborn.


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A device for the controlled emission of electromagnetic radiation for use in medical and surgical conditions in humans and animals comprises a substrate which can be contoured to and placed in intimate contact with an area of the body of the human or animal to be treated, an electrical circuit integ ...