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The object of the present invention is to provide a rotary electric machine that provides bobbins with good assembling efficiency and allows no dislocation of the stator. A motor

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A stent that is adapted for introduction into a body passageway and which releases at least one biological agent after being inserted in the body passageway. The release of the at least one biological agent can be a controlled release via molecular diffusion through a non-porous polymer layer.

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In a CT scanner having a rotating source of radiation and a series of stationary radiation detectors spaced about the axis of rotation of the source, an eclipsing shutter mechanism restricts the width of the diverging fan pattern of radiation to that portion of the patient scan circle which is inter ...

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Phosphor compositions having the formula (Ba,Sr,Ca)SiO4:Eu and light emitting devices including a semiconductor light source and the above phosphor. Also disclosed are blends of (Ba,Sr,Ca)SiO4:Eu and one or more additional phosphors and light emitting devices incorporating the same. Preferred blends ...

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A magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus includes a navigator region defined within the subject by selective excitation. Blood flow is measured within the selected region using the principles of phase contrast MR angiography. A cardiac cycle plot is constructed from Fourier transformed data ...

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Particle collection, transport, and detection systems are disclosed. The systems are uniquely adapted for collecting or concentrating particles from a flowing medium and then transporting the collected particles to a desired location or for subsequent analysis. Electrostatic traveling wave grids can ...

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The ink reservoir comprises a bottle (1) into which is installed a foil bag (2). The bag (2) is designed at both axial ends as a standing bag. In one end of the bag (2) includes a thermoplastic connector (23) having an elastomer stopper (27) disposed therein. The stopper is piercable by a first holl ...

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A dryer drawer system is provided comprising a generally multisided drying chamber having opposed side walls, a rear wall, and at least one access door, wherein the door is sealable to the chamber. The dryer drawer further comprises a heater for heating air circulating in the chamber and at least on ...

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Color error associated with an image rendered by a rendering device is calculated in the no more than N−1 dimensions of an associated color sensor color space. The color error is assumed to be small. A differential of a mapping from an N dimensional rendering device color space to the associated col ...

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An electronic device containing a polythiophene derived from a monomer segment or monomer segments containing two 2,5-thienylene segments, (I) and (II), and an optional divalent linkage D wherein A is a side chain; B is hydrogen or a side chain; and D is a divalent linkage, and wherein the number of ...