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The method is for sending information through a topology. A first and second node each having a first node having a first access port, a second access port and a first uplink connected to a first router and a second router, respectively. A third node is provided that has a first access port and a fi ...

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The invention relates to a device for metal welding, comprising a shielding element (

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The packet processor system has a port for receiving packets from a first network. A line interface unit is connected to the port for determining the types of packets that are received by the port. A generic pipeline stage assembly is connected to the line interface unit and includes a plurality of ...

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The present invention relates to a method and an arrangement for centralized and distributed management of capacity (communication resources) in a circuit switched network with shared medium topology (e.g. bus or ring topology), of DTM type (digital synchronous transmission), in which the network us ...

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The artificial sensibility device has a left sensor applied to a left finger, a middle sensor applied to a middle finger and a right sensor applied to a right finger of a hand. The sensors are connected to an amplifier unit that is connected to a headphone unit with a left speaker and a right speake ...

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The method is performed in a telecommunication network that comprise one or more terminals, a data server and a network interface. The terminal requests a communication product stored in a data server after which the terminal gets access to the requested product. The steps required by the communicat ...

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The hydraulic cylinder or shock absorber arrangement has a cylinder unit limiting an inner space in which a medium in the form of a gas or a liquid is intended to be placed. A forwardly and backwardly movable piston unit is placed such that it can slide within the space that is defined by the piston ...

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A structural panel system that has two skin members that are separated by a plurality of semi-flexible support members disposed therebetween. The support members and the skin members are adhered together by a semi-flexible core member. The outer skin member is movable relative to the inner skin memb ...

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The alarm system is for preventing loss or theft of a portable and/or movable device. The alarm system has a first portable and/or movable device provided with a first communication device operable for wireless communication with another communication device. A second portable and/or movable device ...

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The shoe system comprises a shoe that has a toe section and a heel portion. A shoe sole is disposed inside the shoe and has a groove defined therein. The groove extends angularly from an upper surface of the shoe sole rearwardly towards the heel portion of the shoe. A wedge section is removably atta ...