Norman J Beamish, Robert Saunders, John S Walley, Hon M Yung: System for using a local wireless network to control a device within range of the network. Skyworks Solutions, Farjami & Farjami, February 17, 2004: US06694143 (135 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a communication device that is capable of interacting with a local wireless communication system when the communication device is within range of the local wireless communication system for controlling operating characteristics of the communication device. The communication d ...

Hassan Hashemi, Shiaw Chang, Roger Forse, Evan McCarthy, Trang Trinh, Thuy Tran: Multiple chip module with integrated RF capabilities. Conexant Systems, Farjami & Farjami, April 23, 2002: US06377464 (128 worldwide citation)

A multiple chip module (MCM) for use with baseband, RF, or IF applications includes a number of active circuit chips having a plurality of different functions. The active circuit chips are mounted on a substrate that is configured to provide an integrated subsystem in a single MCM package. The MCM i ...

Carlos Augusto: Elevated channel MOSFET. Newport Fab, Farjami & Farjami, October 7, 2003: US06630710 (123 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a semiconductor device (e.g., MOSFET) having a channel above the surface of the wafer containing a well and a junction. The elevated channel may be selectively epitaxially grown and enables higher mobility, thereby enabling a higher current flow at a lower voltage thro ...

Jonathan Ackley: Cell phone parental control. Disney Enterprises, Farjami & Farjami, November 27, 2007: US07302272 (122 worldwide citation)

A method for allowing remote control of the usage of a networked wireless device including incoming communications, outgoing communications, and application launching. Controlling entities, such as parent cellular telephones or web sites, are provided with the ability to select a list of approved an ...

Roberto Coccioli, Mohamed A Megahed, Trang N Trinh, Larry D Vittorini, John S Walley: Shielded antenna in a semiconductor package. Skyworks Solutions, Farjami & Farjami, August 3, 2004: US06770955 (107 worldwide citation)

One exemplary embodiment is a structure comprising a laminate substrate having a top surface for receiving a semiconductor die. The exemplary structure further comprises an antenna element situated on a bottom surface of the laminate substrate, where the antenna element is suitable for connection to ...

Bin Zhao: Microelectronic air-gap structures and methods of forming the same. Newport Fab, Farjami & Farjami, January 21, 2003: US06509623 (103 worldwide citation)

An improved microelectronic structure is disclosed. The improved structure includes an air-gap region formed by removing an insulating material through an aperture residing in a mask.

Adam K Sharif: Probe card and probe needle for high frequency testing. Newport Fab, Farjami & Farjami, April 27, 2004: US06727716 (98 worldwide citation)

According to one exemplary embodiment, a probe card comprises at least one shielded probe needle. The at least one shielded probe needle comprises a conductor, a dielectric sleeve surrounding at least a portion of the conductor, and a conductive cover surrounding the dielectric sleeve. In accordance ...

Norman J Beamish, Robert S Saunders, John S Walley, Raymond Hon Mo Yung: System and method for achieving wireless communications coverage in a local area. Skyworks Solutions, Farjami & Farjami, November 25, 2003: US06653932 (96 worldwide citation)

An electrical apparatus which is configured with an antenna, transceiver, or repeater for transmission or reception over a wireless interface. In one embodiment, the appliance interfaces to a user device through a system which includes the power distribution system of the apparatus. In another embod ...

Kathleen A Duncan, William S Jacobs, Robert G Taylor: Programmable image transform processor for digital image processing. Pictos Technologies, Farjami & Farjami, July 22, 2003: US06597394 (93 worldwide citation)

A programmable image transform processor has a programmable addressing and arithmetic blocks. In the programmable addressing block, an input address generator has an input addressing microsequencer and an input addressing memory that stores an input addressing procedure. The microsequencer executes ...

Ulrich Bortfeld: System and method for synchronized control of system simulators with multiple processor cores. Mindspeed Technologies, Farjami & Farjami, April 6, 2004: US06718294 (93 worldwide citation)

A debugging environment for a multi-processor simulator or emulator is disclosed. The simulator or emulator is ideally suited for the development of embedded software. The simulator can contain multiple processor models, with each processor model representing a processor. The simulator or emulator a ...

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