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A memory circuit arrangement for sensing current in a target cell during a read operation is disclosed. According to one exemplary embodiment, the memory circuit arrangement comprises the target cell and a first neighboring cell adjacent to the target cell. The first target cell has a first bit line ...

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According to one aspect, a method of switching a first gateway from a voice mode to a facsimile mode comprises: configuring the first gateway to the voice mode for communication with a second gateway over a packet network, receiving a plurality of data packets from the second gateway over the packet ...

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This invention provides a communication device that is capable of interacting with a local wireless communication system when the communication device is within range of the local wireless communication system for controlling operating characteristics of the communication device. The communication d ...

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A method for allowing remote control of the usage of a networked wireless device including incoming communications, outgoing communications, and application launching. Controlling entities, such as parent cellular telephones or web sites, are provided with the ability to select a list of approved an ...

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A multiple chip module (MCM) for use with baseband, RF, or IF applications includes a number of active circuit chips having a plurality of different functions. The active circuit chips are mounted on a substrate that is configured to provide an integrated subsystem in a single MCM package. The MCM i ...

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The present invention provides a semiconductor device (e.g., MOSFET) having a channel above the surface of the wafer containing a well and a junction. The elevated channel may be selectively epitaxially grown and enables higher mobility, thereby enabling a higher current flow at a lower voltage thro ...

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An improved microelectronic structure is disclosed. The improved structure includes an air-gap region formed by removing an insulating material through an aperture residing in a mask.

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A selection circuit for sensing current in a target cell during a memory read operation is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the selection circuit comprises a sensing circuit selector connected to a sensing circuit and a ground selector connected to ground. The ground selector connects a first ...

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One exemplary embodiment is a structure comprising a laminate substrate having a top surface for receiving a semiconductor die. The exemplary structure further comprises an antenna element situated on a bottom surface of the laminate substrate, where the antenna element is suitable for connection to ...

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According to one exemplary embodiment, a probe card comprises at least one shielded probe needle. The at least one shielded probe needle comprises a conductor, a dielectric sleeve surrounding at least a portion of the conductor, and a conductive cover surrounding the dielectric sleeve. In accordance ...