Giladi Haim: Composite jewel. Gnn Diamonds, fan li, November 10, 2004: CN01823608 (3 worldwide citation)

A composite jewel comprising: a) a central baguette stone element, b) four peripheral baguette stone elements disposed adjacent to the four sides of the central baguette stone element, c) four complementary peripheral stone elements, located at the four corners of the central stone element, each of ...

Homar Hernandez: Flex sole. Bbc International, fan li, June 11, 2003: CN01804503 (2 worldwide citation)

A method of making a shoe. The shoe having an upper (131), an insole (133), an outsole (135). The method involves forming a cavity (137) in the outsole (135), affixing the cushioning pad (29) in the cavity and injecting molding (138) the elements together.

Ludger Mateina: Overflow device with continuous level adjustment for a bathtub. Franz Kaldewei &Amp Co Kg, fan li, January 4, 2006: CN200510004349 (1 worldwide citation)

The overlay faucet has a stepless adjuster for a sanitary bath, with a housing (1) a cover rose (2) and a connector on the rose for remote operation of a valve. The housing can be attached to the wall of the bath. Inside the rose is a transmission case (9) fitting in the opening in the bath and havi ...

Tanaka Isamu, Yamada Noriyuki, Yamada Naotsugu: Rocker arm. Honda Giken Kogyo, fan li, July 24, 2002: CN01133862 (1 worldwide citation)

A rocker arm (4) rockingly supported on a rocket shaft (3) has: a roller (11) rotatably supported on a roller shaft (9) provided to extend between a pair of supporting walls (8) formed at a cam facing portion (4a); spacers (12) provided so as to be held between axial ends of the roller and the suppo ...

Liu Liqiang: Seal gland. Kerwan Trademark Investment, fan li, January 15, 2003: CN01140881 (1 worldwide citation)

Provided is a sealing device (200) comprising a first body (10, 30) having an aperture operable to receive a member (120) and a second body (50) retained within a cavity (40) of the first body (10, 30), the second body (50) having an aperture operable to receive the member (120). The sealing device ...

Dj Baker, Hp Adams, Jr Leblanc: Exhaust positioned at downstream end of glass melting furnace. Owens Corning Co, fan li, July 28, 2004: CN01823256 (1 worldwide citation)

A glass-melting furnace has an upstream end, a downstream end, and a roof. The upstream end is positioned upstream of the eownstream end. A charger is provided to supply glass-forming material to the upstream end of the furnace. At least one burner is provided to supply heat to the glass-forming mat ...

Nakasawa Akihiko, Ohayashi Hiroyuki, Tanaka Atsushi: Processing box, electronic photographic apparatus and imaging method. Canon, fan li, January 1, 2003: CN02120654 (1 worldwide citation)

A process cartridge is disclosed integrally supporting an electrophotographic photosensitive member, an intermediate transfer belt, a primary-transfer means for transferring a toner image primarily from the electrophotographic photosensitive member to the intermediate transfer belt and a charge-prov ...

Percival David Alan, Plumptre David Aubrey: Device for use in fluid assay. Provalis Diagnostics, fan li, December 1, 2004: CN02817238 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a device for use in fluid assay, in particular for assaying body fluids such as blood and urine. The device comprises a sample reservoir for a fluid sample to be assayed, the reservoir having an inlet port and an outlet port. The device comprises a fluid sample recei ...

Restelli Sergio, Righi Nardino, Rossi Roberto: Guaro mechanism attachable to standard syringe to transform it into a safety syringe. Restelli Sergio, fan li, November 9, 2005: CN02829919 (1 worldwide citation)

In a syringue comprising a syringe body hollow on the inside, a plunger slidable in the syringe body and provided at the rear with a shaft that can be operated manually, an injection needle engageable to the front end of the syringe body by means of a needle-carrier, there is attached a guard mechan ...

Renata Fusi, Silvana Mollia, Paolo Zanotta: Spectacle family having differently curved frames and interchangeable stems. Renata Fusi, Silvana Mollica, Paolo Zanotta Architetti Associati, fan li, August 13, 2003: CN01809068 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a spectacle family having frames with different curvatures and extensions provided with engaging elements for removable mounting of stems, said engaging elements having at least one locating surface between each removable stem and the frame, fixed to said frame and h ...