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The invention discloses a data validation, mirroring and error/erasure correction method for the dispersal and protection of one and two-dimensional data at the micro level for computer, communication and storage systems. Each of 256 possible 8-bit data bytes are mirrored with a unique 8-bit ECC byt ...

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A multifunctional minimally invasive surgical instrument. The instrument includes a tool set on the opposite end of a support tube from a handle assembly. Grasping, manipulating, retracting, cutting, cauterizing, irrigation, suction, and electrosurgery functions can be performed by actuating the han ...

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A porous, tubular synthetic prosthesis, prosthesis precursor, and methods of producing the same are provided. Specifically the method involves co-spraying both a water soluble and water insoluble fibrous component onto a mold to form the prosthesis precursor. The water soluble fibrous component may ...

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A self-expanding stent formed from helically wound and braided filaments of titanium or titanium alloys such as Ti-13Zr-13Nb.

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A system for monitoring and recording as data television program viewing habits utilizing a plurality of remote program monitor units in panelists households and automatically periodically reporting such data to a central computer via a conventional telephone network.

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A self-expanding stent formed of helically wound and braided filaments of wrought cobalt, chromium and molybdenum alloy containing less than about five weight percent nickel. The composition of the alloy from which one embodiment of the stent is formed is Co-26Cr-6Mo-1Si-1Fe-1Mn-1Ni.

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A video monitoring system for identifying television broadcast program material such as commercials by extracting characters present in the closed captioned portion of the video signal at line 21, field 1 and comparing the extracted characters to stored characters and recording the occurrence of a m ...

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Surgical articles, implants and components suitable for a transobturator surgical procedure are described.

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A system for collecting data from a plurality of respondents having a central portion with a central processor and a base station and a remote portion with a plurality of wireless response units for respondents to be prompted to enter response data to a visually perceptible display which may be show ...

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The present invention is directed to expandable bone fusion devices and methods of use. In general, a fusion device according to the invention includes a first member and a second member which can be deployed and locked into an expanded configuration to stabilize the adjacent bone during fusion of t ...