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A mandrel that forms an annular space when inserted within a tube and has O rings adjacent each end and a leading end having a tapered portion and a spring cooperatively associated with the O ring to facilitate sliding the mandrel into the tube and forming a fluid-tight seal adjacent the leading end ...

Frank W Cooper Jr: Mandrel for hydraulically expanding a tube into engagement with a tubesheet. Westinghouse Electric, F J Baehr Jr, July 3, 1979: US04159564 (71 worldwide citation)

A mandrel for hydraulically expanding tubes into engagement with a tubesheet, the body of the mandrel being coated with an electrically isolating impermeable membrane and having an eddy current coil adjacent the leading end thereof, the tube into which the mandrel is placed and the body of the mandr ...

Martin Hollmann: Holding apparatus. Westinghouse Electric, F J Baehr Jr, June 12, 1984: US04453449 (52 worldwide citation)

A holddown apparatus having a sleeve with a plurality of fingers, the reactive length of which is varied in order to provide any predetermined engaging and release force to detents which engage a groove in a shaft that is attached to a missile to form a passive holddown apparatus which is reusable.

George A Kemeny, Donald C Litz: Electromagnetic projectile launcher with self-augmenting rails. Westinghouse Electric, F J Baehr Jr, August 31, 1982: US04347463 (44 worldwide citation)

A self-augmented parallel rail electromagnetic projectile launcher with a commutating circuit breaker disposed adjacent the breech.

George A Kemeny: Multistage electromagnetic accelerator. Westinghouse Electric, F J Baehr Jr, March 9, 1982: US04319168 (44 worldwide citation)

A multistage electromagnetic accelerator in which energy is serially induced in stages of parallel rail having serially segmented segments or stages utilizing a high DC current source, circuit breakers, and induction coils with both primary and secondary windings to produce ultra high exit velocity ...

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A method of repairing a tube in a heat exchanger by severing the tube and welding a sleeve inside the tube.

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Improved cooling is provided for the end regions of the stator core of a large dynamoelectric machine. For this purpose, a solid rigid vent plate is placed in contact with the finger plate at each end of the core. The vent plates are non-magnetic plates of the same configuration as the core laminati ...

Raymond H Glatthorn: Apparatus for remotely repairing tubes in a steam generator. Westinghouse Electric, F J Baehr Jr, August 12, 1980: US04216893 (33 worldwide citation)

Apparatus that is assembled quickly inside a channel head of a steam generator and is capable of performing various repair and inspection techniques remotely in order to reduce radiation exposure and facilitate rapid repair of the tubes.

Claude R Booher Jr, Thomas J Rahaim: Ceramic-to-metal (or ceramic) cushion/seal for use with three piece ceramic stationary vane assembly. Westinghouse Electric Corporation, F J Baehr Jr, June 29, 1976: US03966353 (30 worldwide citation)

Cushions made of metal wire provide passageways for cooling air and a resilient layer between metal and ceramic parts in a ceramic blade assembly for a gas turbine.

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A shell and tube heat exchanger having a plurality of individually removable tube bundle modules. A lattice of structural steel forming rectangular openings therein is placed at each end of a cylindrical shell. Longitudinal structural members are placed in the shell between corners of the rectangula ...