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A fluid flow distributor for mixing and distributing gas and liquid over the cross-section of the reactor vessel having an upward fluid flow path. The distributor comprises an inlet pipe for directing quench liquid into and through an inlet feed conduit connected with the reactor and an elliptically ...

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A distributor for introduction of mixed gas and liquid into a vessel which provides improved mixing of the vessel's contents and intimate contact between the gas and liquid by formation of small gas bubbles. Two phase flow is baffled to assure a uniform dispersion of liquid in gas prior to sparging ...

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A bladeless mixing device for use in a mixing system to mix streams of the same or different composition, for example, liquid/liquid, gas/gas, solid/solid, or any combination thereof. In the mixer device streams are tangentially directed into an inlet mixing chamber comprising a convergent conical c ...

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A pipeline system for low temperature liquid or hot gas/vapor transfer including a triple pipe arrangement wherein the low temperature liquid or hot gas/vapor is transferred through an inner pipe with a vapor or condensate return respectively being provided by an annulus between the inner pipe and a ...

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A hinged tray, preferably for use in fractionation towers, capable of relieving small but sudden pressure surges caused by the flashing of relatively small amounts of water remaining in the tower feed or in the stripping steam. By hinging the trays distortion and upset normally caused by the flashin ...

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A slide valve for use in throttling solids flow, preferably including a pair of opposed discs. The valve discs are in bearing contact with the valve seat and effectively will operate with the valve in almost any position. The internal valve construction and arrangement is unitized which simplifies r ...

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NO.sub.x produced by combustion of nitrogen-containing fuels is reduced by a forced draft burner operating with below stoichiometric mixtures of air and fuel in a primary combustion chamber, combustion being completed by controlled injection of secondary air near the outlet of the chamber.

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An ultrasonic apparatus and technique for rapidly and accurately measuring the inside and outside diameters and wall thickness of a tubular material. The tubes are passed between a pair of diametrically opposed ultrasonic transducers for obtaining the necessary data. A third transducer is employed t ...

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An atomizing device for mixing or atomizing fluids without moving parts and comprising, in combination, a hollow tube which has a substantially cylindrical inner wall and a core member situated within the tube in substantial coaxial relationship with and spaced from the inner wall. The surface of th ...

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A method of enhancing heat transfer between a heating or cooling element (such as a steam tracer heating line) and a conduit or vessel, comprising emplacing heat transfer material (such as a heat transfer cement) in a mouldable or plastic state between and in contact with the element and at least pa ...