Witt Alvin E, Breault Homer: Dimensionally-stable, resilient floor tile. Atlantic Richfield Company, Ewbank John R, September 2, 1975: US3902293 (167 worldwide citation)

A multilayer floor tile is so dimensionally stable that large gymnasiums can be floored with it while achieving sufficient resilience to be suitable as a basketball floor. The bottom layer imparts durable resiliency because it is a sheet molded from a tangled network of thermoplastic fibers containi ...

Pompo Thomas B: Cooling cushion. Kool Pak Corp c o Eugene F Brazil, Ewbank John R, April 9, 1974: US3802220 (40 worldwide citation)

A quilt-like sheet comprises two layers of polyethylene defining a plurality of small containers joined together through bonded container boundary zones, each container serving as a cooling cushion by reason of being filled with a pre-cooled stiff gel which has not frozen rigid, but which has a gel ...

Kolenik Steve A: Cardiac pacer. ARCO Medical Products Company, Ewbank John R, December 16, 1975: US3926198 (38 worldwide citation)

The forces which are imparted by a cardiac pacer to adjacent tissues are below the threshold of troublesome difficulty when the body is subjected to acceleration or deceleration. Such below-threshold forces are attributed to controlling the weight of the cardiac pacer to be less than 100 grams, and ...

Wodrich Donald D: Method for decreasing radiation hazard in transporting radioactive material. Atlantic Richfield Company, Ewbank John R, November 4, 1975: US3917953 (34 worldwide citation)

At the end of their useful life, fuel rods are removed from a nuclear reactor and transferred underwater into a shipping cask. The water in the pool of the nuclear reactor system (or fuels reprocessing plant) may contain troublesome amounts of radioactive isotopes, creating biological hazards for an ...

Bell Belmere V: Wood plastic fabrication methods and product. Atlantic Richfield Company, Ewbank John R, April 30, 1974: US3808030 (31 worldwide citation)

A process for fabricating a wood-plastic composite product including improvement features associated with assembling wood pieces into unitary multi-piece units, before or after impregnation and irradiation operations; selection of impregnant materials and associated methods of impregnating and irrad ...

Sabre Daniel R: Rock drilling. Ewbank John R, March 18, 1975: US3871488 (22 worldwide citation)

Knife edged cutting members on the conical face and cylindrical side of a rotating drilling head shear slivers of rock by exceeding the tensile strength of the formation being penetrated. Fluid such as air, water, or drilling mud, injected through ports in debris channels between cutting members dir ...

Whittaker Arthur V, Whittaker Jr Ralph E, Goldstrom Robert A, Shipko Frederick J: Radio opaque gloves. Arco Nuclear Company, Ewbank John R, May 13, 1975: US3883749 (21 worldwide citation)

Radiation shielding garments and accessories, such as radio-opaque gloves for surgeons, shielding against the harmful x-ray radiation in a fluoroscopic zone are advantageously different from garments for shielding from other medical uses of x-rays. Such garments are provided with zones of differing ...

Hursen Thomas P, Kokenik Steve A, Prudy David L: Thermoelectric generator. Arco Nuclear, Ewbank John R, June 18, 1974: US3818304 (17 worldwide citation)

A heat-to-electricity converter is disclosed which includes a radioactive heat source and a thermoelectric element of relatively short overall length capable of delivering a low voltage of the order of a few tenths of a volt. Such a thermoelectric element operates at a higher efficiency than longer ...

Alley III Lawrence Everett: Demand heart pacer. ARCO Medical Products Company, Ewbank John R, Bachand Richard A, December 16, 1975: US3926197 (15 worldwide citation)

A demand heart pacer which includes an oscillator, an amplifier for receiving and amplifying naturally occurring heart pulses, a monostable multivibrator activated by amplified naturally occurring heart pulses to generate a disabling pulse, and means for disabling the oscillator upon occurrence of a ...

Zajacek John G, Carr Lawrence J: Catalytic oxidation of alkanes and alkenes with organic hydroperoxides. Atlantic Richfield Company, Ewbank John R, April 22, 1975: US3879467 (14 worldwide citation)

Method for the catalytic oxidation of alkanes and monoalkenes having from 3 to 20 carbon atoms in the molecule utilzing an organic hydroperoxide, such as tertiary butyl hydroperoxide in the presence of a chromium catalyst to produce alcohols and ketones as the primary products.

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