Salvatore A Cinco: Process for the production of metal salts of organic acids. Tenneco Chemicals, Evelyn Berlow, November 29, 1977: US04060535 (41 worldwide citation)

Metal salts of organic acids are produced rapidly and efficiently by subjecting a reaction mixture that contains a metal oxide, hydroxide, or carbonate, an organic acid that has a melting point above 20.degree. C., and a small amount of water to vigorous agitation in an apparatus having attrition an ...

Henri Sidi: Pigment dispersions for surface-coating compositions and surface-coating compositions containing same. Tenneco Chemicals, Evelyn Berlow, October 6, 1981: US04293475 (25 worldwide citation)

Universal pigment dispersions for use in surface-coating compositions contain as dispersant water-soluble salts of polymers prepared from monomer mixtures containing 30% to 75% by weight of at least one hydroxyalkyl methacrylate wherein the hydroxyalkyl group has 2 to 4 carbon atoms, 20% to 65% by w ...

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Stable solutions that contain at least 7.5% by weight of dissolved chromium comprise an organic solvent and a mixture of chromium salts that contains at least one chromium salt of a straight-chain aliphatic monocarboxylic acid having 5 to 10 carbon atoms and at least one chromium salt of a branched- ...

Donald Goodman, Robert S Miller, Robert J Stanaback: Manufacture of polyvinyl chloride of low vinyl chloride monomer content by treatment of wet polyvinyl chloride. Tenneco Chemicals, Evelyn Berlow, May 11, 1976: US03956249 (20 worldwide citation)

Vinyl chloride is removed from wet cakes that comprise a vinyl chloride polymer, vinyl chloride, and water by contacting the wet cakes with steam, preferably at atmospheric pressure and at a temperature in the range of 100.degree. to 125.degree.C.

Josef Vercauteren: Structured film. Tenneco Chemicals, Evelyn Berlow, April 6, 1976: US03949135 (19 worldwide citation)

A structural film that can be used in the vacuum packaging of meat comprises an ionomer layer bonded to a non-ionic polymer layer with a polyalkyleneimine at the interphase of the polymer layers.


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Laminated skin-foamed core sandwich structures characterized by an excellent stiffness and load-bearing capability to weight ratio are prepared by heating in a closed mold a sandwich construction that comprises skin layers that comprise a thermoplastic polymer having a glass transition temperature i ...

Marvin Landau, Samuel J Bellettiere, Samuel Hoch: Accelerator systems for the peroxide-catalyzed curing of unsaturated polyester resin compositions. Tenneco Chemicals, Evelyn Berlow, November 20, 1979: US04175064 (17 worldwide citation)

Accelerator systems that comprise cobalt and potassium salts of organic acids are used to accelerate the curing of peroxide-catalyzed unsaturated polyester resin compositions.

Robert J Stanaback, Michael J Reale: Flame-retardant resinous compositions containing trihaloneopentyl haloalkyl phosphates. Tenneco Chemicals, Evelyn Berlow, September 6, 1977: US04046719 (17 worldwide citation)

Flame-retardant resinous compositions comprise an organic polymer and a phosphate that has the structural formula ##STR1## wherein each X represents bromine or chlorine; R represents haloalkyl having 2 to 4 carbon atoms and 1 to 5 bromine and/or chlorine atoms, phenyl, or trihaloneopentyl; and R' re ...

David B Clarke: High temperature grease compositions. Tenneco Chemicals, Evelyn Berlow, November 3, 1981: US04298481 (16 worldwide citation)

High temperature grease compositions comprise 80% to 94% by weight of a base fluid that is a dialkyl ester of hydrogenated dimer acids that contain less than 8% by weight of trimer acids, 0.2% to 6% by weight of an additive system that contains antioxidant, rust-inhibiting, metal-passivating, and lo ...