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An organic light emitting device (OLED) has a thick (100 to 250 nanometers) porphyrin buffer layer between the anode and the luminescent region. The thick porphyrin buffer layer in the OLED results in a small increase in device operating voltage, reduces the possibility of OLED shorting and can impr ...

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A latex used for the preparation of toner particles by emulsion aggregation is prepared, using a controlled addition of anionic surfactants, without the use of a nonionic surfactant. Such a process comprises preparing an aqueous phase using a limited amount of anionic surfactant; preparing an emulsi ...

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A device and method for the alignment, in up to six degrees of freedom, of printheads in a printer is disclosed. The device has a support, wherein the printhead is secured to a substantially center location of the support. The device further has a fixed plate biased against the support by plurality ...


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There is provided a process for producing a seamed, flexible electrostatographic imaging member belt comprising providing a flexible, substantially rectangular, electrostatographic imaging sheet having a first major exterior surface opposite and parallel to a second major exterior surface and a firs ...