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The Pyramid Learning Architecture Neurocomputer (PLAN) is a scalable stacked pyramid arrangement of processor arrays. There are six processing levels in PLAN consisting of the pyramid base, Level 6, containing N.sup.2 SYnapse Processors (SYPs), Level 5 containing multiple folded Communicating Adder ...

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An apparatus for providing direct data processing access in a network computing system environment. The system environment has a main storage which can be connected to one or more application servers and is in processing communication with an interface element. The interface element has at least one ...

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A method of providing a predetermined level and state of stress in a film deposited on a surface of a substrate. In one embodiment, a layer of crystalline material is deposited on a surface of a substrate and then a layer of amorphous material is deposited on the layer of crystalline material. Then, ...

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A very low power logic circuit family which advantageously provides 1) retained high performance, 2) significantly reduced power dissipation, and 3) enhanced noise immunity. In a first set of embodiments, dual rail complementary logic signals are utilized to improve circuit immunity to external nois ...

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A power transistor having of a plurality of vertical MOSFET devices combined in parallel to achieve high-performance operation and methods of fabricating this device.

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A method for wiring IC chips such that electromigration criteria are met while minimizing the effect on overall chip wireability. A technique to optimize the width of automatically routed wire segments so that these widths are adequate to support the electromigration current on that net as a functio ...

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A circuit for producing one or more regulated auxiliary voltages from a single zero-volt full bridge power stage without degrading the zero-volt switching action. The freewheeling diode used in previous magnetic amplifiers is no longer needed. Transformer current is carried to an auxiliary output in ...

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A light transmission device is provided including a light pipe having two ends, one end being an ellipsoidal-shaped end. A recess is configured within the ellipsoidal-shaped end for reception of a light source that transmits light into the light pipe. The recess includes an interior concave wall, an ...

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A generic network device for performing parallel or serial communications amongst multiple nodes over switching networks. An aspect is the adaptation of standard or proprietary serial interfaces using optical or electrical transmission to interface to the parallel switch. Converted serial data is ro ...

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A network application for automatically formatting and printing documents to be used as training and planning manuals to be used by organizational personnel in preparation for an ISO 9000 audit. The outputted documents can also be educational manuals for dispersing among organizational personnel com ...