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An electrophoretic support comprising a base plate having on at least one side thereof, a layer of an adherent resin containing ethylenically unsaturated groups capable of undergoing copolymerization with acrylamide. The support provides excellent adhesion for polyacrylamide gels and other electroph ...

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A method in which a band formed of essentially unoriented thermoplastic polymeric material is provided with a transverse cross-section which is of corrugated configuration and is generally uniform in thickness, with at least portions of such band being compressed so as to orient polymer molecules in ...

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Device for delivering precise measured quantities of a plurality of reagents with each reagent being incorporated in a device and each being water soluble. The device has a water impervious support secured to one or more faces of which are discrete and separate elements each containing water soluble ...

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A Well Indicating Device which is useful in laboratory procedures for identifying, in a predetermined but variable sequence, wells of a plurality fo independent but interrelated substance-receiving wells, such as of a microtiter tray, which are subject of manipulation.

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An improved strap tensioning tool, which is particularly adopted for use with non-metallic strap, in which the free end portion of a strap laced about an article which is to be strapped is gripped between an anvil and a wedge-shaped clamp member while the feed portion of such strap is engaged with a ...

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Automated chemical analytical method and device in which a precise measured quantity of reagent is combined with an assay medium. Prior to such delivery, the reagent, being water-soluble or dispersible, is contained within carrier solid organic binder which is fixed within and constitutes part of th ...

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Fluid-mixing apparatus which includes a plurality of stationary mixing units, formed of planar members, disposed in series longitudinally of a passage for sequentially and repeatedly dividing and recombining fluid flows during the travel thereof through the passage, with the fluid flows being direct ...

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A strapping formed of thermoplastic polymeric material having a transverse cross-section which is of generally uniform thickness and of corrugated configuration, with polymer molecules thereof oriented along biaxial directions and predominantly in the longitudinal direction of such strapping. This s ...

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Method and apparatus for winding continuous, flexible, strapping into rolls comprised of overlying layers, with each such wound layer having a like number of convolutions, including like strapping portions which bridge adjacent overlying layers and are subjected to a minimum of distortion, and a sta ...

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A method and apparatus in which a strap looped about an article is tensioned by applying positive pulling forces to both the leading end and feed portions of such strap loop, after which such strap positions are sealed together. In certain embodiments of the invention, a strapping mechanism is suppo ...