Richard A Romaine: Automatic hypodermic syringe. Eugene D Farley, June 2, 1981: US04270537 (160 worldwide citation)

A hypodermic syringe and automatic needle insertion device wherein the syringe is biased against a trigger when the needle is in its retracted position. Upon release of the trigger the syringe and needle are driven forward, extending the needle into the underlying tissue. The depth of insertion may ...

Robert B Hill: Apparatus and method for identifying individuals through their retinal vasculature patterns. Eugene D Farley, August 22, 1978: US04109237 (98 worldwide citation)

Method for identifying a person comprises obtaining his retinal vasculature intercept pattern by causing the person's eye to become fixated, scanning the fixated eye with a light source arranged in a selected pattern, and detecting that portion of the light source pattern which is reflected off of t ...

Donald C Carey: Gun stock assembly with coordinated comb and recoil. Eugene D Farley, July 16, 1991: US05031348 (96 worldwide citation)

A shoulder gun stock assembly has a comb piece coordinated with a shoulder piece and an associated recoil assembly. The comb piece and shoulder piece remain stationary during shooting while the recoil assembly absorbs the recoil. The comb piece provides a stationary cheek rest which eliminates the c ...

Charles H Perrott: Multiple drain trap primer valve assembly for sewer lines. C H Perrott, Eugene D Farley, October 19, 1993: US05253670 (68 worldwide citation)

A multiple drain trap primer valve assembly. The assembly comprises a plumbing conduit system including a house line 10 carrying water under pressure and a plurality of branch lines 12 each serving the drain trap 14 of a particular plumbing fixture. A manifold 26 having multiple discharge openings i ...

James R Roberts: Fire resistant vermiculite composition board and method of manufacture. Eucatex Industria E Gomercio, Eugene D Farley, August 23, 1977: US04043862 (68 worldwide citation)

A fire resistant vermiculite composition board comprises, in percent by weight, from 40 to 90% heat expanded vermiculite particles; from 5 to 20% ceramic clay particles; from 10 to 30% hydrated cellulosic gel having a TAPPI drainage time of at least 900 seconds; from 1 to 20% defiberized wood; and f ...

Jimmie L Hope: Door lock. Eugene D Farley, January 27, 1987: US04639021 (64 worldwide citation)

A door lock for use particularly with sliding patio doors. The lock assembly includes a rotary actuator (door knob) connected to a shaft which drives a crank connected, in turn, to one or more spring-biased bolt rods and operable through the crank to shift the bolt rod to its spring-biased, door-loc ...

Roy L Swank: Blood filtering apparatus of graduated fiber density. Pioneer Filters, Eugene D Farley, September 19, 1978: US04115277 (59 worldwide citation)

A filter for filtering blood during surgery or dialysis by passing it through a fibrous filter mat for removal of blood cell aggregates and extraneous particulate debris, and for separation of entrained air. The presenting surface of the filter mat comprises a plurality of fluffed regions, each of g ...

Frank J Walker: Urinary tract treating assembly with prostate flushing. Eugene D Farley, November 18, 1997: US05688239 (58 worldwide citation)

A urinary tract irrigating assembly for flushing a TURP-treated prostate gland having a surgically created central cavity. The assembly includes an elongated catheter having a drain port for draining the bladder contents; a discharge port for discharging prostate-irrigating fluid into the cavity; an ...

Donald C Carey: Gun stock assembly with universally adjustable comb piece. Eugene D Farley, February 28, 1995: US05392553 (56 worldwide citation)

A shoulder gun stock assembly with a comb piece which is universally adjustable fore and aft, up and down, and laterally, for more comfortable and accurate shooting.

Henry R Goebel, Joseph Flynn: Tissue carton. Western Kraft Corporation, Eugene D Farley, February 24, 1976: US03940054 (54 worldwide citation)

A tissue carton has in its top panel an opening dimensioned to pass tissues contained in the carton and covered with a removable strip of transparent film material permitting inspection of the carton contents.