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An apparatus for measuring electrochemical and viscoelastic properties of a liquid includes two sensing components, an electrochemical impediance spectroscopy component and a quartz crystal microbalance component positioned within a housing for receiving a liquid for monitoring and arranged so that ...

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A novel supported ionic liquid moiety which may further comprise immobilized ionic fluids and catalytic material is described. A method for making the composition is also described.

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A method for testing a sample for soot-related viscosity increase comprising: (a) preparing the sample which comprises a major amount of an oil of lubricating viscosity, (b) measuring the viscosity of the sample (c) preparing a stable sample/paste dispersion of the sample and a carbon black paste, ( ...

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An embodiment of the invention is directed to an electrochemical process for removing polymerizable sulfur compounds from a hydrocarbon feed by (a) combining a solvent and electrolyte with a feed comprising hydrocarbon and polymerizable sulfur compounds to form a first mixture; (b) passing said firs ...

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A process for reducing the amount of mercaptan sulfur in a petroleum stream without significantly changing its octane value. The process comprising a three-phase system wherein the petroleum stream to be treated is passed through a fixed bed of catalyst in the presence of a stripping gas. The stripp ...

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There is provided an improved system and process for the catalytic hydrogenation of carbon monoxide to form a mixture of hydrocarbons utilizing a plurality of reactors in series. Synthesis gas entering the system under pressure is partially converted in at least one initial stage reactor and the eff ...

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Composite fiber reinforced structures, such as pipes or storage tanks, having improved resistance to microcracking and delamination and improved containment strength are disclosed. The walls of the structures comprise at least one layer comprising a plurality of continuous reinforcing glass fibers h ...

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This invention relates to a process for producing C.sub.2 -C.sub.20 olefins from a feed stream consisting of H.sub.2 and CO.sub.2 using an iron-carbide based catalyst.


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The invention includes a method for defoaming aqueous or non-aqueous foams comprising placing a sonicator probe directly into said foam and thereafter sonicating said foam in pulse mode at a sonication energy of at least about 25 watts/cm