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Novel target-sensitive immunoliposomes were prepared and characterized. In this invention, target specific binding of antibody-coated liposomes was sufficient to induce bilayer destabilization, resulting in a site-specific release of liposome contents.

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A technique for determining blood flow in a living body by changing the thermal energy level by a predetermined amount at a site in a blood flow path and detecting temperatures at locations upstream and downstream of the site. The temperature difference at such locations is determined and the blood ...

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Disclosed are several oral hygiene preparations including plaque disrupting and gingivitis control preparations in the form of chewing gums, wherein a chewing gum is coated with a plaque disrupting emulsion containing an ingestible surfactant and a polydimethyl siloxane emulsified therein, and where ...

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A method and apparatus for the manufacture of various dental flosses containing chemotherapeutic preparations which are releasable during flossing.

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Tri- and tetra-substituted guanidines which exhibit a high binding affinity to phencyclidine (PCP) receptors and, more preferably, low affinity to the brain sigma receptors. These guanidine derivatives act as non-competitive inhibitors of glutamate induced responses of the NMDA receptor by acting as ...

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Disclosed is a method of treating the oral cavity with a surfactant, silicone, and chemotherapeutic agent containing preparation released from dental floss to alter local microbial ecology including: plaque formation, gingivitis and S. mutans count.

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The present invention is directed to a triple coated cemented hard metal carbide product in which a cemented metal carbide substrate is coated with, first, a metal carbide coating to promote coating adherence to the substrate, secondly, a metal nitride or carbonitride coating to promote crater wear ...

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The present invention discloses dental floss containing surfactant and silicone preparations with added chemotherapeutic agents.

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Disclosed is a method for interrupting plaque formation comprising periodically introducing in the oral hygiene cavity an efficatious composition in the form of a dentifrice spray, measured drops, masticatable capsules, liquid centered chewing gums and the like.

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The present invention relates to oral hygiene and specifically to an improved method for adding chemotherapeutic agents to dental floss containing several multi-fiber bundles, to methods of treating the oral cavity with the improved dental floss and to the improved dental flosses per se.