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Fabric laminates having superior resistance to penetration of fragments, such as shrapnel. The fabrics are formed of high-strength fibers consolidated with from about 7% to about 15% by weight of an elastomeric matrix composition, and in combination with protective layers of a polymer film on each s ...

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The invention relates to a process and apparatus for controlling afterburning in the regenerator of a FCC unit. The process and apparatus inject steam into the dilute phase within a regenerator to promote combustion of carbon monoxide before it enters the regenerator cyclones, plenum, or flue gas tr ...

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Flexible composites which are ballistic and stab resistant. The composites are formed from at least one, and preferably a plurality of, fibrous layer comprising a network of high tenacity fibers. A stack of a plurality of fibrous layers is consolidated in a desired pattern over a substantial portion ...

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Lightweight, ballistic resistant articles are provided. More particularly, armor structures incorporating two or more spaced apart, ballistic resistant panels, having superior impact and ballistic performance at a light weight. The panels are spaced by air or by an intermediate material.

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Ballistic resistant fabric laminates are provided. More particularly, reinforced, delamination resistant, ballistic resistant composites are provided. The delamination resistant, ballistic resistant materials and articles may be reinforced by various techniques, including stitching one or more balli ...

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A ballistic resistant panel which is formed from a ceramic layer and a plurality of fibrous backing layers. A first fibrous backing layer is adjacent to the ceramic layer, and a second fibrous backing layer is adjacent to the first fibrous backing layer. Each of the fibrous backing layers are formed ...

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Plastic pipes, such as high density polyethylene plastic pipes, useful for distributing natural gas and which have improved impact resistance and burst strength. The plastic pipe has an inner and an outer surface, with the inner surface defining a channel for conveying natural gas and the like. A fa ...