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Various improvements to steganographic systems, and applications therefore, are disclosed. The improvements include facilitating scale and rotation registration for steganographic decoding by use of rotationally symmetric steganographically embedded patterns and subliminal digital graticules; improv ...

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A vehicle information device and collects information concerning specific geographic points of interest. The operator recalls for display such information, including a display showing direction and distance of travel to a designated geographic point of interest relative to a then-current vehicle loc ...

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Advertising information is preloaded into a collection of remote receiving and presentation devices. A presentation command delivered to the device then causes presentation of the stored advertisement. Each stored advertisement is also associated with one or more presentation conditions causing, whe ...

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Web pages which contain images are displayed by a browser. A special visual indicia is placed on any the images which contain a digital watermark so that a user can know that the image contains hidden watermark data. By clicking on the indicia which is placed on the image, the user will be linked to ...

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Security documents which has multiple fields or areas each of which contains information that is perceptible in more than one way: One field can contain a visually perceptible image and a digital watermark that can be detected when the image is scanned and processed, another field can contain machin ...

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A given data object was effectively contain both a graphical representation to a network user and embedded information, such as the URL address of another network node, thereby to permit the object itself to serve as an automated hot link. The underlying development tools and web site browsers creat ...

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A system including primary and secondary PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) buses which do not "livelock". The system includes two PCI to PCI bridges between the primary and secondary buses. One of the bridges is configured to only act as a target on the primary bus and as a master on the secon ...

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Multiple digital watermarks, each of which has different characteristics, are embedded in a document. The characteristics of the various watermarks are chosen so that each of the watermarks will be affected in a different manner if the document is subsequently copied and reproduced.

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A one-way individual or group addressable communication link by paging system protocol delivers to a small data terminal of an entertainment or education device command messages relevant to current real world information such as news or weather information, and also relevant to current television se ...

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A wristwatch paging receiver is provided with an antenna matching network that automatically retunes the network at the beginning of a listening interval. During the retuning operation, a control signal is applied to a variable tuning element in the matching network, such as a varactor diode, and is ...