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Apparatus and method of preserving life organs, the apparatus having an organ container in which the organ may be subjected to elevated pressure, a pump pulsatilely delivering perfusate into the organ and an oxygenator to oxygenate the perfusate effluent from the organ. A constant pressure bias main ...

Hanushewsky Michael: Binding enzymes to activated water-soluble carbohydrates. Baxter Laboratories, Ellis Garrettson, April 8, 1975: US3876501 (43 worldwide citation)

Water-soluble carbohydrates can be activated by means of cyanogen bromide in a nonaqueous medium to exhibit an improved level of binding reactivity toward enzymes and other proteins, while preventing cross-linking and consequent water-insolubility in the carbohydrates.

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A portable pulsatile pumping system simulates the pumping mechanism of a human heart in pumping fluid for such applications as organ perfusion systems. The pumping system includes a regulated source of pressurized gas, a pulsatile pump having an aorta chamber providing a sustained minimum diastolic ...

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A plate dialyzer is provided with plates and membranes located therebetween. The membranes extend along the front sides of the plates and are bent around the edges of the plates. The ends of the membranes are tightly clamped between two adjacent plates. The plates have channels used for supplying or ...

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A reservoir for the collection, purification, and storage of blood during surgical procedures which comprises a hollow blood storage casing having a hollow, perforated member within said casing extending from end-to-end thereof. Blood defoaming means and a filter are carried by the hollow member, so ...

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A bubble-type blood oxygenator which comprises a flexible envelope having a blood flow passage with a blood oxygenating portion and a blood defoaming portion. A stiff backing carries the oxygenator in flat, stretched-out configuration with the result that the flow passage, when filled with blood and ...

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A membrane diffusion device such as a membrane oxygenator is disclosed which comprises a stack of flat membrane wall pairs and flat membrane supports in alternating, interleaving relation. The stack is disposed in a casing and includes an inflatable member disposed between the opposite major faces o ...

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A surgical suction device is provided having a suction tip and a suction motor communicating with the tip by a length of flexible tubing. The improvement of this invention relates to a control for starting and stopping the motor. The control is positioned remotely from the suction tip, while pneumat ...

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A die assembly for sealing the end of a plastic tube or the like to a plastic sheet, so that the tube is sealed in transverse position to the sheeting. A first die has a first die face, which defines a protrusion surrounded by a generally flat face portion. The protrusion is received in the bore of ...

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A peritoneal dialysis solution which comprises a water solution of physiological pH, and having physiological salts and metabolizable carbohydrate polymers in concentrations sufficient to safely effect the removal of solutes and water from a patient by peritoneal dialysis.