Faezeh Sarfarazi: Elliptical accommodative intraocular lens for small incision surgery. Ellen C Childress, January 4, 1994: US05275623 (216 worldwide citation)

An elliptical accommodative intraocular lens assembly is provided for placement in the evacuated capsular bag of the posterior chamber of an eye after a small incision capsulorhexis, such that as the capsular bag is pulled and released by ciliary muscles, the lenses approach and withdraw from each o ...

Paul B Soucy: Solar device and method for assembly. Ellen C Childress, January 28, 1997: US05596981 (71 worldwide citation)

A solar collector and a method of manufacture is disclosed. The solar collector frame has internally oriented projections for positioning a light transmissive cover, absorber plate, insulation and base to form an enclosure. To provide for maximum active or passive collection efficiency, by increasin ...

Faezeh Sarfarazi: Anterior capsular fixating lens for posterior capsular ruptures. Ellen C Childress, December 19, 1995: US05476512 (29 worldwide citation)

An intraocular lens assembly is presented for implantation into the posterior chamber after rupture of the posterior capsule during extracapsular extraction, using the capsulorhexis technique, of the natural lens assembly. The lens assembly has anterior ciliary sulcus haptics and posterior capsular ...

Anthony V Feola: Frozen dessert apparatus. Ellen C Childress, March 28, 1995: US05400614 (21 worldwide citation)

Equipment and a process for volumetric filling of novelties with soft frozen desserts is disclosed.

James Amnott: Necktie accessory. Ellen C Childress, February 27, 1996: US05493731 (19 worldwide citation)

A necktie assembly having a simulated knot which is slideable is disclosed. The simulated knot has a relatively rigid body and a Y-shaped bore. In one embodiment, the necktie is furnished with a complimentary image.

Jeffrey Richards: Non-linear vibration device. Ellen C Childress, March 4, 1997: US05608693 (19 worldwide citation)

An apparatus provides accented vibrations to an object and has a means for elastically suspending said object and at least one disengaging displacement means. The application of current interest is for winding a self-winding mechanical wrist watch during intervals when not worn on the wrist so it wi ...

Richard Strauss: Stacked disk coalescer. Ellen C Childress, March 28, 1995: US05401404 (18 worldwide citation)

A method and materials for separating oil from water, using stacked disks to coalesce the oil, is disclosed. The method of coalescence allows configuration of systems which are compact, efficient, adaptable to modular configuration, and have a very high flow rate.

Donald F Gatta: Pet litter housing having litter dispenser and disposal. Ellen C Childress, March 7, 1995: US05394835 (18 worldwide citation)

A pet sanitation station comprises a housing having a main chamber a sliding plate forming a chamber floor located in a collar which sits on a receptacle for collecting soiled litter. A hopper for storing and dispensing clean litter is located in the housing directly above the main chamber. An apert ...

Joseph H Masse: Retracting cutter. Ellen C Childress, May 11, 1993: US05208983 (16 worldwide citation)

A knife is disclosed having a self-retracting, adjustable blade. The handle of the knife has two pieces which when compressed expose the blade for use.

Jeffrey E Caron: Snowboard binding system. Ellen C Childress, November 26, 1996: US05577756 (13 worldwide citation)

A binding system for a snowboard is presented which allows for flexible bowing of the snowboard while reducing rotational play at the boot-binding interface. It has a toe hold and a heel hold which are slideably connected. The connection is adjustable. Further adjustment and shock absorption is prov ...