Russell King: System and method for comparing images. EIP US, December 9, 2014: US08908977 (16 worldwide citation)

Systems and method for comparing images are disclosed. In particular, certain disclosed embodiments relate to determining whether a user of a mobile device corresponds to a previously authenticated user, the user having been previously authenticated via an identity document. The determination may be ...

Daniel J Mendez, Mason Ng: System and method for preventing access to data on a compromised remote device. Good Technology Corporation, EIP US, April 15, 2014: US08696765 (15 worldwide citation)

This invention discloses a system and method for selective erasure, encryption and or copying of data on a remote device if the remote device has been compromised or the level of authorization of a roaming user in charge of the remote device has been modified.

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The present invention relates to a system and method for remote management of applications downloaded to a personal portable appliance. Applications comprising programs and data structures are updated to include a dummy application that can replace the ordinarily executable application and that mani ...

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A door safety device for either a hinged or a sliding door which when closing places the vertical door side edge in a position abutting the vertical face of either of two sides of a door jamb, or the vertical face of another sliding door, or the threshold end of a sliding door track. The device empl ...

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Interference comprising a passive intermodulation (PIM) product of at least a first signal and a second signal is detected in a wireless network, by generating, on the basis of at least the first signal and the second signal, at least one interference signal comprising a simulated intermodulation pr ...

Russell King: Method, system and computer program for comparing images. Paycasso Verify, EIP US, May 13, 2014: US08724856 (6 worldwide citation)

A method of verifying whether a user of a device corresponds to a previously authenticated user is disclosed. In some embodiments, a processing system has access to a first image and a second image. The first image is of an identity document comprising an image of the previously authenticated user a ...

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Aspects and embodiments of the present invention relate to alternative kinds of transactions, which do not involve payment using only cash or a token device such as a smart card or chip and PIN card. In some embodiments, transactions involve a customer providing token-less transaction authentication ...

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An electrode for use in applying neuromuscular electrical stimulation to the pharyngeal region of a patient includes a connector to which a lead wire may be attached, a conductive film that is in electrical contact with the connector and an adhesive and conductive gel layer that is attached to the c ...

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The present invention relates to guiding instruments for acetabular cup reamers, which allow for a much more accurate and precise reaming of the acetabular implant zone. The invention further provides combinations of acetabular cup reamers and guiding instruments therefor and methods for their manuf ...

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The present invention relates to a method of generating a keypoint descriptor for identifying an object in an image or in a sequence of images, the keypoint descriptor being substantially invariant to a transformation of the object in the image. The method includes receiving object data representing ...