Edward Kaplan: Interactive tic-tac-toe slot machine. Edwin E Greigg, Ronald E Greigg, July 27, 1999: US05927714 (289 worldwide citation)

A Tic-Tac-Toe slot machine having three parallel spaced reels. The reels are covered around their circumference with reel strips having spaced symbols of two different configurations such as "X" and "O" and blank. The X's and O's blanks are intermixed on each strip in an orderly fashion. Having thre ...

Wang D Ya: Method of percutaneously removing a thrombus from a blood vessel by using catheters and system for removing a thrombus from a blood vessel by using catheters. Edwin E Greigg, Ronald E Greigg, October 22, 1991: US05059178 (214 worldwide citation)

A method of percutaneously removing a thrombus from a blood vessel by using catheters and thrombus removing system for executing the method. A guide wire catheter includes a first balloon inflatable for blocking the blood vessel at a position downstream of the thrombus. A suction catheter includes a ...

Yoshimutsu Hirata: Frequency division multiplex system using comb filters. Edwin E Greigg, November 9, 1976: US03991277 (130 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein is a novel frequency division multiplex system for use in connection with transient signals such as speech and music signals. One embodiment includes a pair of comb filters, the response characteristics of which are staggered so that the pass bands of one comb filter are in alignmen ...

Fritz Cub: Method of making a liquid filter. Robert Bosch, Edwin E Greigg, December 27, 1977: US04065341 (122 worldwide citation)

A method of making a liquid filter includes the steps of providing a spiral roll of filtering material on a central tubular member, providing a housing member into which the roll is to be placed and laying a bead of thermoplastic material having a given softening point on an outer surface of the rol ...

Robert Pressiat, Guy de Corlieu, Marcel Malard, Luigi d Auria: Rotary-joint device providing for an optical waveguide transmission. Thomson-CSF, Edwin E Greigg, December 1, 1981: US04303300 (117 worldwide citation)

The rotary-joint device has the design function of maintaining accurate positioning of the ends of optical fiber conductors during relative rotation of external bodies to which the joint is coupled. The device comprises a male ferrule and a female ferrule so arranged as to form a shaft rotatably mou ...

James D Graves: Safety plug adapter. Edwin E Greigg, November 20, 1984: US04484185 (105 worldwide citation)

A safety plug to an outlet box receptacle, which includes an overcurrent protection device, and engaging devices for engaging the safety plug adapter both to flanged portions of the outlet box face plate and to the electric cord so that it is difficult for a small child to remove the electric cord c ...

Leonard L Frederick: Pile driving hammer, apparatus and method. Edwin E Greigg, July 5, 1977: US04033139 (94 worldwide citation)

What follows is a description of a unique hammer for driving pile members onshore or offshore, an apparatus for driving pile members offshore, and a method of driving a pile member.

Dean Karnopp: Apparatus for damping courses of motion. Robert Bosch, Edwin E Greigg, June 26, 1990: US04936423 (93 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for damping movement courses of two bodies, in particular in a vehicle wheel/vehicle suspension system, having a piston sliding in a cylinder and dividing it into two work chambers, the two work chambers arranged to communicate with one another via respective oppositely acting check val ...

Heinz Stutzenberger: Arrangement for the aftertreatment of exhaust gases. Robert Bosch, Edwin E Greigg, Ronald E Greigg, February 25, 1997: US05605042 (92 worldwide citation)

The invention sets forth an arrangement for the aftertreatment of exhaust gases from a compression-ignition internal combustion engine, in which, to improve the operation of a reducing catalytic converter, a reducing agent is injected into the exhaust gas fed to the catalytic converter. Injection is ...

Alain Blonder: Method and apparatus for performing a comparison of given patterns, in particular fingerprints. Interlock Sicherheitssysteme, Edwin E Greigg, November 8, 1983: US04414684 (91 worldwide citation)

A method and an apparatus are proposed for performing a comparison of patterns of invariable form, especially fingerprint pattern. By the application of a finger on a prism within a beam of light, a latent picture of fingerprint lines is obtained which is optically compared with a copy of the same f ...