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An apparatus [10] for providing an automatic lateral scrubbing motion when a test membrane [22] engages a device under test (DUT) (not shown). Included are a fixed length flexure pivot assembly [30] and a pair of variable length flexure pivot assemblies [38]. Signal traces, signal trace terminals, a ...

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A ventilator which accommodates to a patient's efforts in breathing and to his change in respiratory requirements is provided by a system with a novel control law. The novel control law determines a target ideal pressure-volume wave-form which characterizes the patient's respiratory requirements; th ...

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The capability of varying sizes of a dot in a printer is fully exploited to provide a gray scale image of superior quality. Errors in gray level are used to modulate the sizes of the dots in producing the image.

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A circuit in a synchronous detector system is provided to minimize and compensate for the errors induced by phase modulation and additive noise in the system. In one embodiment a first-order correction of such errors is achieved by equipping the synchronous detector system with a constant loop filte ...

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An optical switch having low insertion loss and low crosstalk is provided by two slabs of birefringent material having a polarization rotator as a control element interposed therebetween. By controlling the polarization rotator electrically, a selectable ratio of transmitted-to-displaced output opti ...

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A time interval measuring apparatus is provided for measuring the time interval between two signals. The two signals are successively brought to synchronization by delaying one of the two signals as they pass through a series of time shift cells connected in tandem. These delays are accumulated in a ...

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A direct flash converter has independent parallel analog-to-digital encoders for each bit. Cross-coupled level sensors are coupled to a single comparator within each bit encoder to provide a directly encoded Gray code binary output.

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A forensic sample and tracking system includes a computer system which operates a data base and a read/write station. The assignment of an identifier in the data base and an identification code to be printed on a sample bottle label are coordinated by the computer. An identification code can then be ...

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A pipette assembly for automatic pipetting machines including a pipette tip and a pipette tip holder having a mandrel and a seal. The mandrel includes a plug portion which is adapted to engage a top end portion of the pipette tip, and a cylindrical seat portion proximate its bottom end. The seal is ...

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A method is provided to connect individual conductive traces to an array of individual piezoelectric elements by bonding a flexible circuit board containing conductive traces to the piezoelectric elements. The resultant bonded elements provide an array for an acoustic transducer.