Paul L Carbo, John F Setaro: Angioplasty apparatus. Edward R Hyde, October 5, 1993: US05250060 (177 worldwide citation)

An angioplasty apparatus for removing abnormal deposits such as atheromatic plaque from the internal arterial walls is provided. The apparatus includes an elongated, flexible mechanism for insertion in an artery to the location of plaque deposit. Two inflatable occluder balloons are provided to be p ...

Tapani O Seppa: Power transmission line monitoring system. Edward R Hyde, August 17, 1993: US05235861 (34 worldwide citation)

A system for determining the sag of an overhead power transmission line to prevent flashover to adjacent objects on earth. A tension measuring device is provided to produce a sign as a function of powerline tension. The signal is processed and transmitted to a distant location by cellular communicat ...

William P Weber: Battery jumper cable. Edward R Hyde, July 27, 1993: US05230637 (31 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for jumping or charging a discharged automobile battery in order to start an automobile. Jumper cables are provided having indicator lamps to insure correct polarity connecting of cables. A switch, controlled manually or by timer establishes connection between the charged and ...

Leo Veilleux: Plow attaching device and method. Edward R Hyde, January 21, 1992: US05081775 (25 worldwide citation)

A device for attaching a plow to the front of a vehicle is described. It secures to the plow mechanism and serves to raise it in a balanced manner for convenient attaching to the vehicle.

Joseph J Makovich: Method and apparatus for injecting medication into a body through a tooth. Edward R Hyde, June 18, 1985: US04523910 (24 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for introducing medicinal fluids into a living body without puncturing the skin. This is done through a root canal of a tooth. A valve device is inserted in the tooth crown and connects to a reservoir of medicinal fluid in the mouth. Pressure on the reservoir will cause fluid ...

Tapani O Seppa: Power transmission line tension monitoring system. Edward R Hyde, May 21, 1996: US05517864 (23 worldwide citation)

A system for determining the sag of an overhead power transmission line to prevent flashover to adjacent objects on earth. Power line tension is measured as well as ambient temperature at two different times. From these measurements the Ruling Span of a power line can be calculated from which a dete ...

Alessio G Pretto, Louis J Keester, Richard S Hansen: Composite expandable shaft. Addax, Goldenrod, Edward R Hyde, January 10, 1995: US05379964 (22 worldwide citation)

An expandable shaft of the slotted type made of a fiber and resin composite material. The shaft is fabricated by first forming the central cylindrical core and then forming the rails by pultrusion. The rails are then bonded to the outer surface of the core.

Jerome L Amalfi: Corner sander. Edward R Hyde, October 4, 1988: US04774789 (22 worldwide citation)

A reciprocating sanding device having a sanding shoe of two angled plates. The plates form an internal angle in order to sand or abrade an external angle.

Gerth Elverskog: Protective jacket. A C E International, Edward R Hyde, April 7, 1992: US05101511 (19 worldwide citation)

A sleeveless jacket that would be worn by the user of a chain saw. The front and shoulders of the jacket are padded with a material that jams a chain saw if it cuts into the padding to protect the user from being cut by the saw.

Khalil Rasamny, James Barone: Blanket with compartment housing a sound producing device. Edward R Hyde, July 28, 1998: US05784733 (19 worldwide citation)

A blanket or child's garment is equipped with a manually operable musical device that is enclosed in a waterproof envelope that in turn is enclosed in a cloth compartment attached to the blanket or child's garment.