St├ęphane De Lombaert
Rajagopal Bakthavatchalam, Timothy M Caldwell, Bertrand L Chenard, St├ęphane De Lombaert, Kevin J Hodgetts: Substituted quinolin-4-ylamine analogues. Neurogen Corporation, Edward Angell Palmer & Dodge, November 19, 2009: US20090286767-A1

Substituted quinolin-4-ylamine analogues are provided. Such compounds are ligands that may be used to modulate specific receptor activity in vivo or in vitro, and are particularly useful in the treatment of conditions associated with pathological receptor activation in humans, domesticated companion ...

Takashi Akutagawa, Tsuyoshi Izumi: Core-shell resin particle having low content of volatile components, and resin dispersion. Sanyo Chemical, Edward Angell Palmer & Dodge, January 4, 2011: US07862896 (6 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to core-shell resin particles (C2) each comprising one or more film-like shell layers (P) comprising a first resin (a) and a core layer (Q) comprising a second resin (b). The core-shell resin particle (C2) is characterized in that the weight ratio between (P) and (Q) is ...

Masato Tokishige: Print data processing system, printer, and data processing indicating apparatus. Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha, Edward Angell Palmer & Dodge, David G Conlin, David A Tucker, September 6, 2011: US08014015 (1 worldwide citation)

To provide a print data processing system, a printer, and a data processing indicating apparatus, for storing print data and a print history and notifying update of the print data, which is not necessarily registered separately in order to receive a notification of update. The printer stores name da ...

William Lawson: Outboard jet drive boat. Sword Marine Technology, Howard M Gitten, Edward Angell Palmer & Dodge, April 17, 2007: USRE039572

An outboard jet drive boat apparatus has a boat hull (11) having a transom (12) and having a removably attached outboard jet drive (10) attached to the transom (12). The outboard jet drive (10) includes a housing (13) sealed against the intrusion of water and has an engine mounting platform (14) the ...

Roger A Smith, Ann Marie Campbell, Philip Coish, Miao Dai, Susan Jenkins, Derek Lowe, Stephen J O Connor, Ning Su, Gan Wang, Mingbao Zhang, Lei Zhu: Preparation and use of aryl alkyl acid derivatives for the treatment of obesity. Edward Angell Palmer & Dodge, June 28, 2011: US07968576

This invention relates to certain aryl alkyl acid compounds, compositions, and methods for treating or preventing obesity and related diseases.

Vanessa Elaine Gurtu: GFP mutants with increased fluorescent intensity and spectral shift. Stratagene California, Kathlinee M Williams, Edward Angell Palmer & Dodge, August 1, 2006: US07083931

The present invention provides a polynucleotides encoding mutants of green fluorescent protein from Renilla reniformis, including humanized sequences which permit enhanced expression of the encoded polypeptides in mammalian cells.



Minoru Obara, Masanao Kamata, Tetsuya Nagata: Method for processing transparent material, apparatus for processing the same and optical function device. Keio University, Edward Angell Palmer & Dodge, August 14, 2007: US07257294

The invention provides a method for processing a transparent material, which is applicable to universal materials and by which the propagation loss of an optical function device produced by changing the refractive index is slight. Femtosecond laser pulses are condensed by a lens, and a glass materia ...

Pin To Yao, Cheng Fa Hsieh, Yuh Ing Hwang: Method for preparing hydroxylamine. China Petrochemical Development Corporation, Edward Angell Palmer & Dodge, Peter F Corless, Dwight D Kim, August 26, 2008: US07417168

A method for preparing hydroxylamine is provided that includes the steps of (i) pretreating an acidic buffer solution; and (ii) reducing nitrate ions in the acidic buffer solution with hydrogen to give hydroxylamine in the presence of catalysts, wherein the pretreatment is performed by adding a prec ...