Peter D Cunningham: Automated guided apparatus suitable for toping applications. Inco, Edward A Steen, February 19, 2002: US06349249 (67 worldwide citation)

An automated guided apparatus capable of accurately determining its position within a walled environment such as a mine or building. A mobile unit incorporating an inertial measurement unit and a gray scale vision system processor/camera and/or a laser pointer is able to initialize its location and ...

Leif Alan Bloomquist, Eric Herbert Hinton: Autonomous vehicle guidance system. Inco, Blake T Biederman, Edward A Steen, December 7, 1999: US05999865 (59 worldwide citation)

A system guides self-propelled equipment through passageways, such as underground mine corridors. The vehicle contains a signal generator for bouncing signals off the walls of the passageways. A receiver collects the signals bounced off of the passageways to determine the distance to side walls of t ...

John E Oltman, Robert B Dopp: Seal for metal-air batteries. Ray O Vac Corporation, Raymond J Kenny, Edward A Steen, August 10, 1982: US04343869 (58 worldwide citation)

An improved metal-oxygen button cell having a thermoplastic sealing annular ring placed between the cathode assembly and the grommet is provided. The cell basically is comprised of the following components: a conductive metal can, a cathode assembly in the can, a conductive metal cover, an anode mat ...

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The invention provides a tractor for locomoting a drilling apparatus. The tractor includes a retractable body for transporting and pressurizing a drill attached to a front drilling end of the retractable body. The retractable body is longitudinally extended and contracted for length adjustment. A dr ...

Jiri K Nor, Josef V Soltys, Victor A Ettel: Battery charger. Inco, Norvik Technologies, Edward A Steen, March 7, 1995: US05396163 (55 worldwide citation)

A charger for rechargeable cells or batteries utilizes a mechanism whereby resistance-free voltage is continually monitored during periodic current-off intervals in the charging process and compared to an independent reference voltage to prevent overcharge. After a certain degree of charge has been ...

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A gas-liquid contact system for absorption of gaseous contaminants in an absorptive liquid where contact is attained by controlled flow relation between the gas and liquid forming a fluidized liquid mass for intimate contact between gas and liquid.

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A method for reducing passivation of a lithium anode used in a cell having a liquid thionyl chloride cathode is disclosed, characterized in that the anode is coated before the assembly of the cell with a solution of an alkyl 2-cyanoacrylate, a solvent, and lithium perchlorate.

Eric Herbert Hinton, Mario Paventi, Peter Saturley, Rodney David Hale, George K I Mann: Rock fragmentation analysis system. Inco, Edward A Steen, March 28, 2006: US07020307 (53 worldwide citation)

A rock fragmentation analysis system is provided for analyzing blasted rock (or other fragmented particles) to assess quality of a blast for efficient processing of subsequent operations in a mine, a quarry, etc. The system includes a hardware system and an image processing system. The hardware syst ...

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A method for forming intermetallic and intermetallic-type precursor alloys for subsequent mechanical alloying applications. Elemental powders are blended in proportions approximately equal to their respective intermetallic compounds. Heating of the blend results in the formation of intermetallic com ...

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Discloses a process for producing oxidic superconductors having advantageously textured oxide structures which involves zone oxidizing elongated metallic precursors of the superconductors.