Ulrich Klostermann
Jacques Miltat, Yoshinobu Nakatani, Ulrich Klostermann: Hybrid memory cell for spin-polarized electron current induced switching and writing/reading process using such memory cell. Infineon Technologies, Altis Semiconductor S N C, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Universite Paris Sud, Edell Shapiro & Finnan, December 8, 2009: US07630231 (7 worldwide citation)

A magnetoresistive hybrid memory cell includes first and second stacked structures. The first stacked structure includes a magnetic tunnel junction including first and second magnetic regions stacked in a parallel, overlying relationship separated by a layer of non-magnetic material, wherein the fir ...

Ulrich Klostermann
Manfred Ruehrig, Joachim Wecker, Ulrich Klostermann: MRAM memory cell having a weak intrinsic anisotropic storage layer and method of producing the same. Infineon Technologies, Edell Shapiro & Finnan, October 14, 2008: US07436700

An MRAM memory cell is provided having a layer system made of circular-disk-shaped layers. The memory cell includes first and second magnetic layers separated by a nonmagnetic intermediate layer. The first magnetic layer exhibits hard-magnetic behavior and serves as a reference layer. The second mag ...

Ulrich Klostermann
Ulrich Klostermann, Peter Beer, Manfred Ruehrig: Adiabatic rotational switching memory element including a ferromagnetic decoupling layer. Infineon Technologies, Edell Shapiro & Finnan, April 17, 2007: US07205596

A magnetoresistive memory element includes a stacked structure with a ferromagnetic reference region including a fixed magnetization; a ferromagnetic free region including a free magnetization that is free to be switched between oppositely aligned directions with respect to an easy axis thereof; and ...

Ganesh Sundaram
Vikram Devdas, Hitesh Amin, John Diab, Marc Bennett, Ganesh Sundaram, Thomas Eric Ryle: Method and system for efficient flow control for client data frames over GFP across a SONET/SDH transport path. Cisco Technology, Edell Shapiro & Finnan, April 7, 2009: US07515593 (10 worldwide citation)

A method and system for flow control of GFP-encapsulated client data frames over SONET/SDH transport networks is described. Transport interfaces, in the form of port cards, have FIFO buffers for receiving the GFP frames. In acknowledgment of the received frames, a transmitting transport interface re ...

Ganesh Sundaram
Ganesh Sundaram, Hitesh Amin, John Diab, Thomas Eric Ryle, Charles Allen Carriker Jr, Marc Bennett, Michael D Blair: Method and apparatus for guaranteed in-order delivery for FICON over SONET/SDH transport. Cisco Technology, Edell Shapiro & Finnan, January 26, 2010: US07653066

In network systems for transporting GFP-encapsulated FICON frames across a SONET/SDH transport network between FICON ports, the transport interfaces for the FICON ports operate to drop duplicate and out-of-order frames transported across the SONET/SDH network. The transmitting transport interface in ...

Ganesh Sundaram
Ganesh Sundaram, Thomas Eric Ryle, Hitesh Amin, John Diab, Yves Charles Vidal: Method and system for efficient link recovery for fibre channel over SONET/SDH transport path. Cisco Technology, Edell Shapiro & Finnan, July 28, 2009: US07568026

A method and system for flow control of GFP-encapsulated Fiber Channel frames over SONET/SDH transport networks is described. Transport interfaces, in the form of port cards, monitor any switch-over or error in the SONET/SDH transport network responsive to GFP out of synchronization signals; and tra ...

Neil R Diener, Karl A Miller, William R Seed, Thomas H Scholl: System and method for management of a shared frequency band. Cisco Technology, Edell Shapiro & Finnan, September 9, 2008: US07424268 (213 worldwide citation)

A system, method, software and related functions are provided for managing activity in a radio frequency band that is shared, both in frequency and time, by signals of multiple types. An example of such a frequency band is an unlicensed frequency band. Radio frequency energy in the frequency band is ...

Arnold E Wilkie, Ben F Shuler, Tony Owen, Brian C Johnston: Controlling the dissolution of dissolvable polymer components in plural component fibers. Hills, Edell Shapiro & Finnan, March 1, 2005: US06861142 (206 worldwide citation)

The dissolution of dissolvable components in plural component polymer fibers is achieved by providing a polymer fiber including at least two sections, where at least one fiber section includes a dissolvable component. The rate at which at least part of the fiber dissolves is controlled by at least o ...

Blair R Dobbie, Charles D Willey, David E Mattey, Steven A Brillhart: Video enhanced night vision goggle. ITT Manufacturing Enterprises, Martin Abramson, Edell Shapiro & Finnan, May 6, 2003: US06560029 (201 worldwide citation)

A man portable video enhanced night vision goggle comprised of a head mount assembly, an image intensified video camera, and a display. A thermal camera may also be provided and the images from the video camera and the thermal camera may be electronically fused on the display.

Andrew Girson, Boris Donskoy, Nathan Tennies: Method and apparatus for optimizing performance and battery life of electronic devices based on system and application parameters. In Hand Electronics, Edell Shapiro & Finnan, September 19, 2006: US07111179 (194 worldwide citation)

An electronic device (e.g., computer system, etc.) employing dynamic power management of the present invention adjusts power consumption in accordance with an analysis of parameters and events occurring over one or more time-periods. Preferably, the electronic device monitors microprocessor, operati ...