Craig Allen
Craig Allen McEldowney, Mark Richard Mitchell: Tab, tooling for the manufacture of the tab and method of manufacturing the tab. Stolle Machinery Company, Eckert Seaman Cherin & Mellott, Grant E Coffield, April 24, 2012: US08161787

The invention generally relates to a tab used to open food can ends and beer/beverage can ends. The tab has a nose portion located at a front end of the tab and a lift portion located at a back end of the tab. The tab also has a rivet receiving portion located proximate to the nose portion with a ri ...

Herbert L Markman: Method and apparatus for reforming grouped items. Eckert Seaman Cherin & Mellott, August 11, 1998: US05794213 (51 worldwide citation)

Articles such as garments to be cleaned are associated in a group (e.g., one customer's order). After processing together with articles from other groups, the articles are to be reassembled in their original group units. Coded labels are attached to each of the articles and identify or are cross ref ...

Glenn Lindaman: Sock with shin guard fastener. Eckert Seaman Cherin & Mellott, April 28, 1998: US05742945 (18 worldwide citation)

An article of protective apparel for securing the position of a shin guard. The article comprises upper and lower fasteners straps attached to a sock such that a shin guard can be placed between the fasteners. When the fasteners are cinched, the position of the shin guard is secured.

Prashant N Kumta, Da Tren Chou, Daeho Hong, Partha Saha: Biodegradable metal alloys. University of Pittsburgh—Of the Commonwealth System of Higher Education, Eckert Seaman Cherin & Mellott, Carol A Marmo, January 9, 2018: US09863020

The invention relates to biodegradable, metal alloy-containing compositions, methods for their preparation and applications for their use. The compositions include magnesium and other components, such as yttrium, calcium, silver, cerium, and zirconium; or zinc, silver, cerium, and zirconium; or alum ...