Rodney C Polen: Portable dance floor. Arthur G Yeager, Earl L Tyner, June 3, 1997: US05634309 (140 worldwide citation)

A dance floor of assemblable square sections that are held together magnetically and are aligned by male/female couplers and ramp members attachable to the outer perimeter of the assembled square sections.

Leo Vela, Thurman Sasser, Roger L Martin: Shoppers communication system and processes relating thereto. Arthur G Yeager, Earl L Tyner, November 21, 1989: US04882724 (113 worldwide citation)

A communication system for a marketing area locates a light signal generating system and a master computer at a control center and delivers message bearing light signals over optical channels to predetermined subdivisions of the marketing area. Message relay units are provided on the shopping carts ...

Jeffrey L Parker, Edward Parker: Method and system for controlling a single zone HVAC supplying multiple zones. Parker Electronics, Arthur G Yeager, Earl L Tyner, June 5, 1990: US04931948 (113 worldwide citation)

An improved monitoring and control system for a heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) unit which provides zone control in plural zones in which each zone includes a thermostat which controls a damper for its zone. One thermostat is selected and programmed to function as a monitor or maste ...

Ernest C Miller: Disposable covered needle for syringe. University Medical Center, Arthur G Yeager, Earl L Tyner, December 12, 1989: US04886503 (84 worldwide citation)

A covered needle assembly having a needle member and a cover member pivotably connected to each other, the cover member having a long narrow opening for the needle to pass through when the cover member is pivoted away from the needle when ready for use, the opening being covered by a rupturable plas ...

Jeffery L Parker, Edward Parker: Thermostat. Parker Electronics, Arthur G Yeager, Earl L Tyner, November 28, 1989: US04884214 (74 worldwide citation)

A microcomputer-controlled thermostat for use in monitoring and controlling a single zone HVAC system which provides conditioned air to one or more zones. The thermostat can be programmed and used either as a monitor thermostat to control the HVAC unit alone and/or to control the HVAC unit and its d ...

Nicasio I Rocha: Cover for lounge chair. Arthur G Yeager, Earl L Tyner, January 4, 1994: US05275463 (60 worldwide citation)

A lounge chair cover which can be rolled up and fastened so as to be carried like a duffel bag, the cover including a panel to cover the top of the chair back, seat, and leg rest portions, having a hood pocket into which the top of the back portion of the chair fits, a pocket member hanging from the ...

Andrew H Williams, Eric A Williams: Vitamin/mineral composition. Arthur G Yeager, Earl L Tyner, January 28, 1997: US05597585 (35 worldwide citation)

Vitamin/mineral nutritional mixture in the form of a dry powder soluble in water.

M Luis Muga: Time-of-flight mass spectrometer. Patrick Luis Muga, Arthur G Yeager, Earl L Tyner, July 3, 1984: US04458149 (32 worldwide citation)

An improved pulsed-beam time-of-flight mass spectrometer is described whereby the velocities of a plurality of iso-mass ions are equalized (velocity compaction) by subjecting a transiting ion bunch, partially separated into iso-mass ion packets, to a time-dependent and monotonically time-varying acc ...

Gary Iwanowski: Lawn irrigation nozzle. Earl L Tyner, January 28, 1992: US05083709 (32 worldwide citation)

A lawn irrigation nozzle having a cylindrical body with a vertically disposed axis with two discharge ports on opposite sides of the body adapted to produce a horizontal spray from each discharge port, a manually rotatable disc adjacent each discharge port adapted to throttle the amount of water flo ...

John M Dees Jr, Earl O Highsmith: Weed cutter head. Arthur G Yeager, Earl L Tyner, November 17, 1998: US05836227 (26 worldwide citation)

A head suitable for use on any weed cutter, regardless of whether it has a left-hand or right-hand threaded shaft. The head includes, in order from top to bottom, an arbor enclosing an elongated hexagonal nut with internal threads to engage the shaft of a weed cutter, a line holding plate, two cutti ...