Oscar J Horger: Self-steering railway truck. A Stucki Company, E Wallace Breisch, J Stewart Brams, April 23, 1985: US04512261 (43 worldwide citation)

A railway truck having a suspension wherein pivotal suspension links are connected between the pedestal openings of a truck side frame and the bearing adaptor of the bearing received within the respective pedestal opening to suspend the side frame with respect to the bearing adaptor so as to permit ...

Neal W Densmore: Flexible conveyor belt supporting structure. Joy Technologies, E Wallace Breisch, April 17, 1990: US04917232 (23 worldwide citation)

The invention involves flanged rollers which engage the lateral sides of the upper and lower runs of an endless, flexible belt conveyor which traverses a curved path to control movement of the belt laterally of the path of travel.

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An airborne stores arming trigger unit and more particularly an arming trigger unit used in conjunction with bombs and the like which are carried by military aircraft and which arming trigger unit includes improved means for better insuring an unarmed drop of bombs from such aircraft.

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A hydraulically operable hammer and more particularly a hydraulically operable hammer having improved cycling of a hammer piston reciprocable therewithin.

Ivor Hawkes: Howard E Sandler, E Wallace Breisch, July 14, 1981: US04277973 (5 worldwide citation)

A vibratory wire strain gage and more particularly a vibratory wire strain gage having an improved means for readily tensioning the gage wire and, if desired, adjusting such tension prior to installation.

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A paper folding and conveying apparatus and method and more particularly an improved apparatus and method for the high speed conveying of paper strip and imparting an overlying fold thereto.

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A railway freight truck bolster friction assembly and more particularly improved friction assemblies of elastomeric material which are adapted to be captively retained intermediate an axial end portion of a bolster member and an adjacent side frame.

Manfred Harig: Hoisting device. N V Western Gear Europe S D, E Wallace Breisch, October 5, 1982: USRE031050

.[.The invention pertains to a hoisting device, characterized by the fact that it mainly consists of a housing to which the load is suspended, and in this housing a driving pulley consisting of two half pulleys for the cable, which is suspended from a fixed point, whereby this driving pulley is prov ...