Subramaniam Rangaswamy, John H Harrington: Aluminum and yttrium oxide coated thermal spray powder. METCO, H S Ingham, F L Masselle, E T Grimes, March 25, 1986: US04578114 (25 worldwide citation)

A thermal spray composite is disclosed, comprised of a base constituent formed from at least one of the metals nickel, iron, cobalt and chromium, plus additional constituents comprising aluminum and yttrium oxide. Optionally, the base constituent additionally contains aluminum, and the additional co ...

Paul E Larson, Paul W Palmberg: Scanning and high resolution x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and imaging. The Perkin Elmer Corporation, H S Ingham, E T Grimes, May 24, 1994: US05315113 (24 worldwide citation)

An instrument for surface analysis includes a gun for selectively focusing an electron beam on an anode spot, or rastering the beam across an array of such spots, to generate x-rays. A concave monochromator focuses an energy peak of the x-rays to a specimen surface, in a spot on a selected pixel are ...

James E Hodge: Multi-level priority micro-interrupt controller. Concurrent Computer Corporation, E T Grimes, F L Masselle, January 13, 1987: US04636944 (23 worldwide citation)

A multi-level priority micro-interrupt controller for a micro-program controlled computer handles a plurality of interrupt signals at a plurality of levels of priority, wherein only one interrupt signal for each level of priority may be active at any moment. When an interrupt occurs which has a high ...

Richard T Smyth: Method and apparatus for plasma flame-spraying coating material onto a substrate. Metco, Salvatore A Giarratana, E T Grimes, F L Masselle, October 17, 1978: US04121083 (23 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for plasma flame-spraying coating material onto a substrate by means of passing a plasma-forming gas through a nozzle electrode, passing an arc-forming current between said nozzle electrode and a rear electrode to form a plasma effluent, introducing coating material into the pla ...

Paul E Larson: Apparatus and method for locating target area for electron microanalysis. The Perkin Elmer Corporation, H S Ingham, E T Grimes, June 2, 1992: US05118941 (22 worldwide citation)

Target area on a specimen surface is located in an electron microanalyzer system that includes an electron energy analyzer and an analyzer detector. An electron gun impinges a rastering beam of incident electrons across the surface, a secondary electron detector provides corresponding signals for pr ...

Joseph S Shriver: Memory refresh circuit with varying system transparency. The Perkin Elmer Corporation, E T Grimes, F L Masselle, November 25, 1986: US04625296 (22 worldwide citation)

A memory refresh circuit controls the refreshing of dynamic RAM included in a system wherein a control store outputs micro-code instructions to control the system operation in response to sequences specified by a sequence and interrupt logic circuit (SIL). A counter transmits certain counts of syste ...

Arthur J Fabel: Plasma flame spray gun method and apparatus with adjustable ratio of radial and tangential plasma gas flow. The Perkin Elmer Corporation, H S Ingham, F L Masselle, E T Grimes, June 23, 1987: US04674683 (22 worldwide citation)

A plasma gun has a hollow generally cylindrical anode nozzle member and coaxially disposed therein a cylindrical cathode member, the members co-acting to form an interior passage for plasma forming gas. At one end, within the body of the gun, the passage comprises an annular gas inlet chamber or ple ...

David G Welkie, Robert L Gerlach: Vacuum-compatible air-cooled plasma device. The Perkin Elmer Corporation, H S Ingham, F L Masselle, E T Grimes, April 21, 1987: US04659899 (22 worldwide citation)

A plasma generating device, and in particular a duoplasmatron ion gun, is disclosed that is air cooled, high vacuum compatible and hence very clean with a stable ion current output. The device is mounted to a standard type flange held at ground potential without the necessity of subsequent high volt ...

David R Shafer: Monocentric optical systems. The Perkin Elmer Corporation, Giarratana, E T Grimes, T P Murphy, May 25, 1982: US04331390 (22 worldwide citation)

The systems comprise a transmissive shell and a mirror. The surfaces of the shell and the mirror are monocentric; that is, spherical and have the same center of curvature. Both the object and image planes are located in front of and spaced away from the transmissive shell.

Michael J O Brien, Gordon F Wallace: Apparatus for controlling a plasma. The Perkin Elmer Corporation, F L Masselle, E T Grimes, September 2, 1986: US04609810 (22 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for controlling a plasma discharge includes a light gathering tube remotely directed at the plasma discharge. The gathered light is transmitted, via a filter optic light pipe, to a detector that produces a signal that is compared with at least one reference signal. After comparing the s ...

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